How Can I Find a $199 Weekly Hotel Near Me?

How Can I Find the best $199 Weekly Hotel Near Me – When we visit any place for business or personal purposes and need to stay in that place for a day, hotel for a week, or a month. During that time the most basic things we always look for are the services, facilities, amenities, and staff services of the hotel we decide to stay in.

You can always find around you many $199 weekly hotels that claim to provide you with the best services in terms of facilities, services, and amenities, but these all claims turn out to be different when you stay there for a period of time.

However, some cheap weekly hotels near me offer all these essential services and amenities, and they neglect nothing when it comes to serving their customers. Because weekly stay hotels near me always try to provide their best services to treat and serve their guests. That’s why they now provide good services to anyone who is still looking for comfortable and cheap weekly rate hotels near me.

Let’s explore the weekly hotel deals near me here:

$199 weekly hotel near me
$199 weekly hotel near me

$199 Weekly Hotel Near Me

These $199 weekly motels near me can be found all over the United States and these are a great option when you’re looking for a home-like experience. When looking for the best $199 weekly hotel near me, it can be hard to know where to start. But with Hotels4lodge you can easily find affordable weekly hotels near me.

In this article, we discuss how can you find a $199 weekly hotel near me. So read the complete article and find the best weekly rate hotels near me now.

Are you finding a $199 Weekly Hotel Near Me? Then an Extended stay hotels near me is an extra feature that is not usually available in other standard hotels.

Basically, it is a type of accommodation that provides all the amenities and facilities like at home. These cheap extended stay hotels near me offer services like excellent laundry facilities and discounts etc.

Search Cheapest Hotels for $199 Near Me In 2023:

How to Find the Ideal $199 Weekly Hotel Near Me?

Here’s the best guide to the ideal hotel for $199 per week near you in 2023:

Online booking platforms

The digital age has revolutionized the way we search for hotels. Online booking platforms like Expedia,, and have simplified the accommodation search process, allowing you to filter results based on your budget and preferences.

Use these platforms to your advantage and specifically search for hotels with weekly rates of $199.

Filter and sort results

Use the filters provided by these platforms to refine your search. Look for options within your $199 weekly budget.

Sort results based on customer reviews, ratings, and distance from your desired location.

Read reviews

Before booking your stay, take the time to read reviews from previous guests. This will give you an idea of the overall experience at the hotel, including the quality of service,

cleanliness and amenities. Look for hotels that consistently receive positive feedback on their weekly rate options, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying stay.

Which Are the Top Trusted Online Sites to Find a $199 Weekly Hotel Near Me?

  • Expedia.
  • Kayak.
  • Trivago.
  • Priceline.
  • Momondo.
  • Orbitz.

On these trusted sites, you’ll definitely get low weekly rate hotels near me that offer low discounted rates for week to week hotels near me.

Benefits of $199 Weekly Hotels Near Me

Are you looking for a great hotel getaway without breaking the bank? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We’re here to provide you with the perfect solution: a $199 per week hotel near me!

If you’re looking for a way to cut your costs while staying in a budget-friendly hotel, a weekly stay may be a good option for you.

There are a few reasons why a weekly stay might be a good option for you.

On the one hand, a weekly stay can save you a lot of money. According to the Travel + Leisure website, a weekly stay can save you up to $199.

Another reason why a weekly stay may be a good option for you is that it can give you a feeling of independence. If you can’t commit to a longer stay, a weekly stay might be a good option for you.

And finally, a weekly stay can also give you a sense of continuity. If you travel for work or pleasure, a weekly stay can help you feel more connected to your surroundings.

Amenities You Can Expect at $199 Weekly Rate Hotels

$199 Weekly rate hotels offer a variety of amenities and services, including continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, pool, jacuzzi, and fitness center.

These are the amenities to take into account:

Fully equipped kitchens

One of the advantages of opting for a weekly hotel stay is the availability of a fully equipped kitchen.

This service can save you money when dining out and allow you to prepare your meals according to your preferences. Look for hotels that offer stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators.

Complimentary Wi-Fi and workspace

In today’s digital age, staying connected is essential. A reliable Wi-Fi connection is a must-have amenity for both business and leisure travelers.

Plus, if you’re on a work trip, having a dedicated workspace inside your hotel room can greatly improve your productivity.

Business Centers, Concierge Services, and Pet-friendly Facilities

Some hotels even have business centers, concierge services, and pet-friendly facilities. You can also check out what kind of amenities are offered at weekly motels near your location.

So if you’re looking for a budget option that offers a variety of services and amenities, a $199 a week hotel may be a good option for you.

What Are the Advantages May I Get From an Online Cheap Weekly Rate Hotel Booking?

The online process for everything is increasing day by day as people are getting continuous benefits online. So, if you thinking of booking a $199 weekly hotel near me online, then obviously you will get advantages.

Let’s see the advantages of a hotel weekly stay near me:

  1. You can rent hotels with weekly and monthly rates anytime, from anywhere you want.
  2. Then after searching, you will get a huge list of different hotels.
  3. You can filter your search according to your needs.
  4. One of the best advantages is to compare the rates and deals.
  5. Offline you can’t see the hotel rooms by the week near me, but online you can see the pictures of cheap weekly rooms for rent near me before booking.
  6. You are allowed to read the reviews and ratings of the hotels.

Comparing $199 Weekly Hotels to Other Lodging Options

If you’re looking for a great deal on a hotel, look no further than $199 per week!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking. For one thing, these hotels are not always located near the areas you are interested in.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these hotels are not always the best in terms of quality. In fact, many of them are located in incomplete areas.

However, if you are looking for a budget option and don’t mind sacrificing some quality, these hotels may be the perfect solution for you.

Best Tips for Booking A $199 Weekly Hotels Near Me

When looking for a weekly hotel stay, it can be difficult to find a deal that’s affordable and close to where you are.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of tips to help you find a $199 per week hotel near you.

  • Start by searching for hotel deals through sites like or Expedia.
  • Use Google Maps to see if there are hotels near you that cost less than $199 per night.
  • Check hotel booking engines like TripAdvisor or to see if anyone has reviews of $199/week hotels near you.
  • Use coupon sites like Hotwire or Priceline to find deals on hotels near you.
  • Use social media to see if anyone is offering a discount on your $199 per week hotel stay.
  • Ask your friends if they know of any good deals on hotel stays for $199 per week.
  • Look for hotel deals in the classified section of your local newspaper.
  • Check hotel websites that offer discounted rates for weekend stays or longer stays.
  • Try to find a hotel that is close to the attractions or places you want to visit.

Extended Stay Hotels Near Me Under $199 a Week

Extended-stay hotels near me also have weekly rate rooms near me with

  • kitchens equipped with a sink.
  • refrigerator.
  • dryer.
  • microwave.
  • stove.
  • dishwashers.
  • ovens

Normally each extended stay hotel near me offers a hotel stay longer than seven days.

Each and every affordable extended stay hotels has to meet every temporary housing need and facility. Generally, these extended stay accommodations are the best options for business travelers and budget travelers as the weekly prices for hotels near me are low.

That’s why cheap extended hotels near me and extended stay rentals near me are also known as budget hotels because they offer all the facilities at very cheap and reasonable prices. Many extended stay hotels and motels offer a special concession for extended stays. Firstly, compare the extended stay near me weekly rates

Nowadays extended stay hotels are multiplying in the extended stay accommodation market. Maximum every extended stay hotel in America currently offers 690 properties with approximately 74,000 rooms that serve nearly every metropolitan area in the United States.

In one word extended stay hotels are like hotel-type accommodations that offer home-like well-furnished apartments. These facilities are best for those who are in company moves, extended work assignments, or major home renovations.

Extended stay hotels are also known as corporate accommodations because it’s the best option for business travelers.

Finding The Best $199 Weekly Hotels Near Me

You will find apartments in extended stay hotels that are well-furnished. You can get there several useful amenities like kitchens, utensils, linens, and others. Staying in extended hotels is cheaper than in normal hotels as they offer longer stays. Actually, weekly pay hotels near me offer cheaper rates.

Currently, several websites and the official websites of extended stay hotels provide information as well as the best offers and discounts like a $199 weekly hotel near me. You can also check out these $100 a week extended stay hotels near me.

It is very comfortable and affordable temporary accommodation. Also, these hotels can quickly meet your temporary housing needs.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a weekly hotel near me, you should check out They have a selection of hotels for $200 a week near me for a long stay.

So if you’re looking for a great place to stay while you’re in the area, you should definitely check out

Making the Most of Your $199 Weekly Stay

Here are ways to make the most of your weekly stay:

Exploring local attractions

While you enjoy your $199 weekly hotel stay, take the opportunity to explore the local area.

Research nearby attractions, restaurants, and parks that you can visit during your downtime. This can transform your trip into an enriching experience.

Pack strategically

Since you’ll be staying for a week, pack your bags strategically. Include versatile clothing options and essentials to avoid overpacking.

Many weekly rate hotels also offer laundry services, allowing you to refresh your wardrobe as needed.


Extended stay motels are completely different from hotels and other extended stay chains. You surely know that motels are generally seen on major highways and interstate highways when you traveling.

There are also other large chain motels available near cities and rural areas. They are also located near any service roads.


If you noticed that the motels are located in those areas where you can’t find any other common hotels and accommodations.

If you have heard about extended stay motels, then these motels are different from the other motels because these motels offer extended stays without the hassle of rental agreements and documentation.

You can get all the benefits of a small apartment in a $199 weekly hotel near me and a motel near me. You may also leave the accommodation when you need to leave or want to leave without any prior notice.

Just like hotels, $150 weekly motels also offer all the benefits and services. But motels generally don’t have any daily room services and these motels don’t have a full kitchen in the rooms or suites. But you can enjoy the internet connection, cable and WiFi, and cell phones.

Some motels may also provide full room services, beautiful interiors, your own room along with a bathroom, and laundry services, and these laundry services are done for you instead of having access to a private laundry like those offered by extended-stay hotels near me. They will provide full-service and hygiene packages like soap, conditioners, shampoo, and toilet paper.

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Some extended stay motels also have a swimming pool and some also have a gym and complimentary breakfast. If you choose an extended stay motel you can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside instead of the hassle of big city life.

You can also book extended stay motels near me with kitchenettes.

One thing you have to remember is that the longer you stay, the more money you will save in these motels. You can also find business services to accommodate your business stay in many motel weekly rentals near me.


Extended-stay hotels for $200 a week near me are just like other regular hotels, but these hotels are specially for those people who want to stay more than a few nights. The extended stay hotels are very similar to apartment complexes, but only on a smaller scale. Cheap hotels weekly rates are affordable and you can easily rent these hotels extended stay near me.

  • If you want to choose an extended stay hotel then Extended Stay America is one of the most popular and largest extended stay hotel chains.
  • But if you want to stay in an extended stay motel then Motel 6 or Studio 6 is a popular chain of extended-stay motels.

Extended weekly stays near me generally mean you have to stay for at least 5 to 7 days, depending on the accommodation. You can basically get a discount on a weekly or monthly basis at the best $199 weekly hotel near me.

That’s why they will offer weekly and monthly discount rates, you can also further get an additional discount. Those who want to book a $199 weekly hotel near me, basically on a business tour, or need temporary housing while their own home is being renovated or for a relocation.

What facilities and services may I get from any $200 a week hotel near me?

At any $200 weekly hotel near you, you can easily find the following facilities and services:

  • Residential-style studios and one-bedroom suites.
  • Fully equipped kitchens.
  • Free WIFI.
  • Free continental breakfast including MainStart® hot oatmeal station.
  • Free premium movie channels.
  • Business center.
  • On-Site Guest Laundry.
  • weekly cleaning.
  • Pet-friendly rooms.
  • Vending machines.
  • Free Parking.


You may notice that daily hotel rates are very high, that’s why most people prefer an extended stay hotel and motel or short term rental accommodations. Any extended stay traveler may wonder how much a motel room costs for a month or for a week.

Extended stay motels and hotels offer more discounts and versatility than renting an apartment or studio at a price comparable to rental places. That’s why extended stay hotels and motels can be the cheapest and best alternative to getting a $300 a month motel near me. But remember that there are multiple factors and points you have to consider before booking a stay at the hotels near me weekly rentals.

With a simple Google search, you can easily find a $199 weekly hotel near me and can find monthly hotels and motels available for a low cost extended stay. Hotel rooms, prices, qualifications, and rates differ from state to state and from place to place.


You can visit Google and type “$199 weekly hotel near me” and you will find a long list of hotels that pay weekly near me. You can also find your nearby $200/mo extended stay motel near me.

We work hard to save your effort and time. Below we have listed some best hotels and motels that rent by the month and that offer very affordable weekly and monthly rates for long stay guests.

  • Studio 6.
  • Sails Suites.
  • Economy suites.
  • Farm studies.
  • Savannah suites.
  • Metropolitan Extended Stay.

Can You Live in a Hotel for 4 Months?

Different hotels have different policies and rules. In many of the hotels you can book or stay for 4 months normally, But, it depends. Check the policies before booking.


Do you need cheap weekly motels near me under $30? Then probably you have very limited options available. Also, weekly motel prices depend on the area and the state. If you try to find a weekly motel near me under $30 in Las Vegas or New York then it’s nearly impossible.

But there are many ways to get cheap weekly motels near me with weekly and monthly rates. You can easily find and book your accommodation at a $199 weekly hotel near me earlier to get a huge discount. Also, you can use motel coupon codes to get special discounts. Moreover, by using their official websites you can save 10 percent on each vacation and you will save a lot of money.

After using all the techniques the question is on the availability of cheap hotels and motels near me for less than $30 that attract people around the US. If you are looking for cheap motels near me under $40 then here are some cheap motels near me for under $50 available.

Do you really need a cheap motel near me? Then here you will surely find the top 10 cheap motels near me under $30 for tonight for cheap.

  • Economy Motel (Best $199 weekly hotel houston)
    Address: 200 E White Horse Pike, Galloway, NJ 08205
    Contact No: (609) 652-2300
  • L.A. Motel
    Address: 200 1st St, Claude, TX 79019
    Contact No: (806) 226-4981
  • Trail Motel
    Address: 206 W Cameron Ave, Kellogg, ID 83837
    Contact No: (208) 784-1161
  • Flagship Inn
    Address: 815 S Crater Rd, Petersburg, VA 23803
    Contact No: (804) 861-3470
  • Grandma’s Inn
    Address: 4577 US-26, Torrington, WY 82240
    Contact No: (307) 532-4064
  • Palm Inn
    Address: 2128 CA-58, Mojave, CA 93501
    Contact No: (661) 824-2214
  • Value Inn Motel Sandusky
    Address: 2236 Cleveland Rd W, Sandusky, OH 44870
    Contact No: (419) 626-2572
  • Travel Inn
    Address: 1001 25th St, Snyder, TX 79549
    Contact No: (325) 573-2641
  • The Best Price Motel & Suites
    Address: 2610 I-10, Orange, TX 77632
    Contact No: (409) 883-0231
  • The Vegas Motel
    Address: 2315 N Broadway, Minot, ND 58703
    Contact No: (701) 839-3000


$199 weekly hotel near me rooms that are equipped with in room kitchens, kitchenettes, spacious living areas, and flexible floors. Moreover, weekly rooms near me also have discounted weekly rates where you can save around 30% or more on your stay. For your a-week stay, weekly room rentals near me are the best options for you.


With the internet and the World Wide Web, you can easily find the perfect hotel room with an in-room kitchenette, breakfast, business center, fitness center, guest laundry, Wi-Fi, or even a pool.

Use the map to find the hotel rooms for rent weekly near me that are pocket-friendly.

You have millions of options to choose from the best weekly rates, weekly and monthly hotels near me, $800 a month motels, pet-friendly hotels, and others. Also, you can find affordable long term hotels near me that offer exclusive discounts on your stay.

Before booking any $199 weekly hotel near me you can also check out nearby hospitals, industrial parks, corporate areas, commercial areas, and residential areas. Just remember that the longer you stay in weekly hotel rentals near me, the more you save.

Here are some best weekly hotel rooms near me or $199 weekly hotel near me that are perfect for your stay:

  • TownePlace Suites By Marriott.
  • Homestead Suites.
  • Homewood Suites From $89 to $149.
  • Extended Stay America.
  • Element By Westin.
  • Hyatt House From $89 to $149.
  • GrandStay Residential Suites.
  • Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham is $79 to $99.
  • MainStay Suites.
  • My Place.
  • WoodSpring Suites.
  • Studio 6.
  • AKA.
  • Sonesta ES Suites.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott From $119 to $179.
  • Staybridge Suites.
  • InTown Suites.
  • Candlewood Suites.

How Much Would It Be a Month to Live in a Hotel?

Actually, the range to live in a hotel for a month depends on the class of the hotel, location, nearby city center or downtown, amenities, deals, and many more. But, on average, we can say that you have to find $500 a month rent easily in extended living hotels near me.

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Do you want to go on a long trip with your pet? Then you should book a pet-friendly extended stay hotel. These pet friendly extended stay hotels basically offer one-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens, business centers, on-site laundry services, weekly housekeeping services, and other facilities.

There are amenities built to make your extended stay comfortable and affordable. You can enjoy many benefits of staying in a pet friendly $199 weekly hotel near me.

There are multiple pet friendly long stay hotels near me that you can choose from. Here are some of the best pet friendly hotels near me with weekly rates:

  • Sails Suites.
  • Extended Stay America.
  • MainStay Suites.
  • Staybridge Suites.
  • Residence inn.
  • Studio 6.
  • Suburban extended stay.


Being a business traveler, office man, or student you may suddenly move to a new city and there you may have to stay for a week or more. In such a situation, you have to find an affordable hotel. And for a week $199 weekly hotel near me is the best. Here we have mentioned a few faqs that will clear your all doubts. If you’ve any queries then comment below or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions on $199 Weekly Hotel Near Me

How much do extended stay hotels cost monthly?

The price of a month-long stay at an extended-stay hotel can vary dramatically depending on the location and type of property you’re booking. However, based on our data points below, you can expect to spend between $1,163.12 and $4,359.60.

How to find cheap weekly motels near you

These are some of the best cheap weekly motels near you. Budget Suites, Candlewood Suites, Homestead Studios, Metro Extended Stay, Savannah Suites, Studio 6, Studio Plus, and Value Place are some of the best budget weekly motels you can choose from.

Is it cheaper to stay in a hotel for a week?

Hotels with the cheapest weekly rates range from $90 to $125 per week, but they are not always in the safest neighborhoods and do not include any services.

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