Is It Cheaper to Live in $800 a Month Motel?

$800 a month motel near me: Nowadays getting the proper information on how to book cheap motels and how to get cheap and affordable motel rates is usually easy because of Google. Each and every motel has its websites where they provide all information about its rates and special discounts.

If you have a tight budget then it’s always better to go to a motel. Always check out the user’s feedback and customer reviews before booking any $800 a month motel. For that, you have to do some additional research.

With some hard work and proper research, you can able to find an $800 a month motel near you. You can also able to do the reservation online. With the official website of the motel, anyone can book rooms for rent under $200 a month within a minute of sitting in their homes.

These sites are filled with information that anyone can use. Also, you get to learn about promo codes where $800 a month motel coupons can be used to ease reservation expenses.

With the help of our website, you were able to learn about things that you can use to reduce your expenses. With the use of motel coupons get low-priced motel rooms. If you don’t know how to get cheap motel rates, just check out Google and several sites offer $800 a month motel coupons.

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Find $800 A Month Motel

So let me know about extended stay motels or monthly motels. Affordable motels always eliminate the need to find an apartment or other permanent residence.

All your needs are catered for at most extended stay accommodations, you might not think so, but that’s just as good at discount motels.

$800 a month motel
$800 a month motel

You can find your nearest Motel 6 and Studio 6 which is a popular extended stay motel chain.

Each $800 a month motel has everything you need in your fully furnished room:

  • Bed, Pillows, and Bedding
  • TV
  • Refrigerator and Cabinets
  • Full Bathroom
  • Lamps, Curtains, and Door Locks
  • Additional furniture like desk, chair, sofa
  • Stove, Microwave, and Cookware
  • Dishwasher and/or Sink
  • Dishes, Glasses, and Utensils

Most motels are usually cheaper than hotels for the following reasons:

  • Motels have very few luxury amenities and services like laundry, pool, on-site restaurant, room service, gym, etc.
  • All the motels have smaller rooms with doors that open directly to the outside parking lot, and lastly, the motels are usually located on busy roads.

Here’s the list of the best $800 a month motel and hotels that usually offer affordable rates and decent lodging:

  1. Budget Suites
  2. Studio 6
  3. Studio Plus
  4. Candlewood Suites
  5. Homestead Studios
  6. Metro Extended Stay
  7. Savannah Suites
  8. Value Place

User Experience

I lived in extended stay motels for the 3 months between selling an existing house and waiting for construction to finish on my new house.

At that point, I understood that living in a motel could be close to our neighborhood, so my daily routine was hardly disturbed, as we boxed up most of our household items.

The main interesting factor is firstly I find a motel that is for $800 a month. But after using a coupon code through Hotels4Lodge I get a $700 a month motel. Even a few areas, like the downtown area, or the area away from the city attractions, have $500 a month motel.

Cheap Monthly Hotels Near Me

Monthly rate hotels or extended stay hotels have rooms that are very well equipped for all kinds of daily needs including in-room kitchens, flexible balconies, large living areas, and more.

Also with discounted weekly and monthly rates, you will be able to save around 40% or more on your stay at hotels that rent by the month near me.

Monthly Hotels
Monthly Hotels

Every extended stay hotels and monthly hotels offer all the comforts and amenities that you enjoy in your home, including:

  • Spaces for relaxation and spaces.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Fully equipped kitchens.
  • After-work snacks.
  • Basic amenities like water, gas, kitchen, and WiFi.

Whether you are traveling for business. leisure, leisure, or with friends and families, extended stay hotels are the most affordable options you can choose.

All extended stay hotels come with in-room kitchens, cheap weekly rates, and other daily needs that feel like home.

You can also use the flexible areas for your purposes and use their wide range of amenities and other benefits of the extended stay hotels and monthly hotels. You can also go for:

  • Cheap Weekly Motel.
  • $800 a month motel.
  • Weekly Rate Motels.
  • Cheap Weekly Rooms.
  • Hot Tub.
  • Excellent Hotel Rooms.

Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me

All weekly motels had good-sized rooms that were clear and had good heating. Maximum weekly motels had free breakfast and self-service laundry that cost around $1.50 per load for washing and $1 for drying.

Many weekly motels have a small pool, but for these facilities, you may pay some extra bucks. Lastly, apart from Motel 6, all motels had free WiFi. So let’s quickly check out the facilities and amenities that you will get in motels that rent by the week near me.

  • Good size rooms
  • Free Breakfast
  • Self-service laundry
  • Drying
  • Pools
  • Free WiFi
  • Small Kitchens
  • Free for kids

Motel 6, Super 8, Travelodge, America’s Best Value Inn, InTown Suites, Microtel Inn and Suites, Red Roof Inn, Econo Lodge, Jameson Inn and Suites, Ramada by Wyndham, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Candlewood Suites are some best cheap $800 a month motel chains in USA Ideal for you if you need models that rent by the week near me.


Each weekly motel is located in the seediest locations and charges around $69-$100 a week. If you need some luxurious and gorgeous extended stay motels then you have to pay around $297-$399 a week. However, every weekly motel rate depends on the location and availability.

Top 10 Motels That Rent by the Month

When we are talking about motels then we all know motels are one of the cheapest accommodation options in the USA. Many people can’t believe motels and that’s why they book 2-star hotels with a lot of money.

But, don’t worry, here are the top 10 $800 a month motel brands in the USA where you can stay safe by spending a small amount.

Motels That Rent by the Month
Motels That Rent by the Month

Let’s see which are the top 10 motels chains that rent by the month:

  1. Motel 6.
  2. Ramada by Wyndham.
  3. InTown Suites.
  4. Econo Lodge.
  5. America’s Best Value Inn.
  6. Days Inn.
  7. Red Roof Inn.
  8. Super 8 Motels.
  9. Travelodge Motels.
  10. Candlewood Suites.

Book $800 a month motel.

1. Motel 6

Motel 6 is one of the best and most popular motel chains in the United States and Canada. They have more than 1,400 locations all around the United States and Canada and are also the largest-operated motel chain in North America.

All properties offer you comfortable and clean rooms and great experiences. The average price of Motel 6 was $6 per night, but it varies by location and property. Some of the best services and amenities provided by the Motel 6 are:

  • Free services including
  • Free local phone calls
  • Kids stay free
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Pet friendly
  • Morning Coffee
  • Expanded cable TV
  • Free Basic Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool and guest laundry facilities

2. Ramada by Wyndham

Ramada by Wyndham Properties is best for those who want to explore local sights and stay for a meeting. They have more than 850 hotels across more than 60 countries. Each of their properties is fully equipped for your needs. Each of their properties had:

  • High-Speed wireless internet access
  • Cozy beds
  • Variety of room choices
  • Flexible dining options
  • On-site restaurants
  • Fitness rooms
  • Pools
  • Room services

3. InTown Suites

InTown Suites is a popular extended stay properties chain in the United States, their headquarter is located in Atlanta. This Suite is one of the largest extended stay brands, that has more than 195 locations in 22 states of the United States. You have to select one of their room options that we explain below:

    Premium Suites are fully renovated and include upgraded bedding, bed frame with storage, kitchen, elegant furnishings, bathroom, medicine cabinet, and more.
    Traditional suites are the cheapest weekly or monthly option.
    Upgraded suites include fewer upgrades with new bedding, bed frames with storage, built-in closets, medicine cabinets, and bathrooms.

4. Econo Lodge

Econo Lodge is a chain of economy hotels that offer basic lodging facilities at a cheap and affordable rate. That’s why Econo Lodge is a favorite choice for budget travelers. There are more than 800 properties available in the US and Canada.

You can find their properties in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington. All of the properties of Econo Lodge offer:

  • Free buffet breakfasts with coffee
  • free Wi-Fi connection
  • Television with free movie channels
  • Air-conditioned,
  • Free local calls
  • Amenities include microwave
  • Fridge
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Laundry.
  • Ironing boards
  • Free beds for children

5. America’s Best Value Inn

Americas Best Value Inn Motels have a wide range of amenities including air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a refrigerator. They also have amenities like:

  • Microwave
  • Small refrigerator
  • Cable TV with HBO movie channels
  • Air-conditioned
  • Fax and photocopying facilities
  • 24-hour reception
  • Vending machines

6. Days Inn

Whether you need sports to travel or you need family trips, Days Inn always make your day the best and most comfortable with their convenient locations and with comfortable beds, inviting decor, and friendly amenities.

Guests can also enjoy their:

  • Free WiFi.Free breakfast items include coffee, tea, and juice.
  • Restaurants.
  • Pool or a fitness center.

7. Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is one of the best economy lodging choices for budget travelers, which offers guests an affordable stay in a comfortable, modern, and clean room. They also allow pet-friendly travel and group travel. You can choose their available amenities like:

  • Red Roof Inn
  • Red Roof PLUS+
  • The Red Collection
  • HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof

8. Super 8 Motels

Super 8 Motel monthly rates are the world’s largest motel chain with more than 2,000 locations around the world. Their original $800 a month motel room cost around $8.87 per night.

  • Widescreen LCD TV
  • Coffeemaker
  • Microwave/Refrigerator
  • Free Highspeed Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Charger
  • Hair Dryer
  • Heater / Air Conditioner
  • Alarm clock
  • Lighted Mirror
  • Wireless Charger with USB Ports
  • Free Local Calls with Voicemail

9. Travelodge Motels

The Travelodge was one of the first motel chains in the U.S. Their motels offer the best rates and comfortable friendly services. Travelodge also is a budget motel chain that offers affordable and lower rates than others.

Their properties are located near downtown areas and local restaurants, churches, theatres, shopping areas, and tourist attractions. Amenities offered by Travelodge Motels are:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Coffee machine
  • Free Parking
  • Business center
  • Wi-Fi available in all areas
  • Flat-screen TV
  • TV
  • Cable or satellite TV
  • Free toiletries

10. Candlewood Suites

Candlewood Suites Hotels is a hotel chain that provides a relaxed, casual, and home-like experience for extended-stay travelers. The brand has more than 421 properties located in the United States.

  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Stove
  • Full-size fridge
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Pots, Pans & Utensils
  • Work Desk With Lamp
  • Wired Internet Available in Rooms
  • Suites
  • Business Center
  • Public Areas

Benefits of Renting Cheap Monthly Motels

For a good place to stay, monthly motels have special benefits that make them the best choice for people saving money. Let’s explore the good things about these hotels that make them a nice choice for people looking for cheap comfort.

Cost-Effective Living: The main and most obvious benefit is the price. These hotels cost just 0 a month and are much cheaper than normal homes or expensive hotel stays.

It’s a cost-effective choice for people who want to reduce their home costs.

Flexibility in Lease Terms: Unlike normal apartment rental agreements, a $800 a month motel provides more relaxed rules.

This being able to change is good for people in changing times, like students waiting on a house or freelancers.

Inclusive Amenities: Even though these motels are cheap, they usually give free things to use. Guests can use things like water and power without extra cost.

They also get treats such as internet and TV services all included in one price.

Convenience in Booking: Booking for cheap motels is usually easy and fast. With many choices on the internet, people can get cheap places to sleep easily. This makes it a good choice for those who need somewhere fast.

Location Variety: Affordable places to sleep are in many areas, serving lots of different likes. If you like a quiet suburban area or the busy city center, there is a good chance to find a $800 a month motel that meets your needs each month.

These cheap motels makes them an important choice for anyone who wants somewhere cheap but also cozy to stay at.

Houses for Rent $800 a Month Near Me

If you are restricted by price ranges but still want your dream home, renting a home is the best idea. You can afford the perfect rental home by defining a few home rental parameters.

If you need houses to rent for $800 a month, then it may not be possible in your area. Because the prices of rental housing vary from one area to another. For example, suburban areas are usually not as expensive as urban areas.


One easy Google search can bring you your dream home for rent. Although it’s not easy to find houses for rent $800 a month near you.

But by using these websites you can find a perfect and affordable rental house near you. These are some best websites and resources where you can search for rental houses.

  • Craigslist.
  • Apartment List.
  • RentPath.
  • Zillow Rental Manager.
  • Zumper.


So in this entire article, we briefly discuss how you can easily get an $800 a month motel near you. We mentioned all the possible and best resources where you can find your suitable motel room for $800. For more information, you can contact us.


What is cheaper than a motel?

Although motels are considered the cheapest accommodation options for budget travelers, hostels are cheaper options than motels. If you have a very restricted budget then you can easily choose hostels.

What are some motel or hotel names that charge $200 a week or $800 a month or less in the US?

Motel 6 or Studio 6, Super 8, Econo Lodge, America’s Best Value Inn, Days Inn, Candlewood Suites, Travelodge, and Extended Stay America are some names of motels and hotel chains that charge $200 a week or $800 a month or less in the US.

How much does a motel room cost?

On average any motel’s rates are between $45 to $100, these rates depend on the property and location.

What is the cheapest motel chain in the United States?

Motel 6, Studio 6, and Super 8 Motels are the cheapest motel chains in the United States. Their motel prices are between $30-$40 depending on the state.


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