Rooms For Rent $125 a Week

If you are due to work pressure and want to go on a vacation with your family, but don’t want to pay high Hotel rates then we present you with the right choice: Rooms for Rent $125 a Week.

If you want to enjoy a long vacation then booking a standard Hotel may destroy your budget, hotels may charge a huge amount for a long stay. But if you book weekly or monthly rooms for rent then you have to pay much less than any hotel.

These rooms for rent $125 a week are the perfect solution for travelers who want to stay for a long period of time with an affordable budget. Today in this article we will provide you with all the essential resources so you can easily find rooms for rain $125 a week near your location.

Rooms For Rent $125 a Week Near Me

Rooms For Rent $125 a Week Near Me is the most affordable lodging option for budget-conscious travelers. If you are looking for rooms for rent that won’t break the bank then in this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding rooms for rent at the affordable price of $125 a week near you.

Whether you’re a business professional, student, or simply looking for affordable rooms for rent and also want to save housing costs, this article can guide you to find affordable rooms for rent $125 a week near me.

With a budget of $125 a week, you can find various properties and apartments that offer comfort and convenience.

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How To Find Rooms For Rent $125 a Week Near You?

It may look difficult work to find a $125 weekly room for rent near your location but with our trusted partners, you can easily find affordable and comfortable rooms for rent $125 week near you.

Whether you are a Traveller looking for extended stay rooms for rent $125 a week, or you need a room to stay for a while because of home renovation, a $125 weekly room for rent is the perfect solution for you.

There are some extended stay hotels and motels that also offer weekly or monthly rooms for rent to long-stay guests. These extended stay hotels or motels are the perfect solution for any business Traveller or people who want to stay for a week or a month.

Get $125 Weekly Hotel Rooms For Rent

Rooms For Rent $125 a Week
Rooms For Rent $125 a Week

These weekly rooms for rent are much cheaper than any standard hotels or motels, you will get special weekly and monthly rates where you can save more during your stay. Their weekly rates start just from $125, that’s why these hotels are much more affordable.

These weekly rooms for rent are the most affordable housing solutions for everyone who wants a room for a week without breaking their pocket. But don’t expect any luxury amenities or facilities, you will only get essential and basic rooms with bed, sofa, TV and kitchens. Some weekly motels also offer free WiFi, a business area, a common swimming pool, parking, and more.

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Amenities Offered by $125 Weekly Rooms

These hotels offer a home-like environment where you will get every necessary amenities and facility including free WiFi, TV, bed, and in-room kitchens with kitchenettes, coffee makers, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, and more.

These weekly mortals offer in-room kitchens or kitchenettes where you can make your own me and save your food budget. They also have weekly laundry services and 24-hour front desk service to provide the best service to their guests.

If you are looking for a home-like environment during your vacation then these $125 weekly hotels are the perfect solution for you. Where you can enjoy your vacation without any hassle and you can also able to cook your own meals.

Why Should You Choose Rooms for Rent?

These affordable rooms for rent provide a cost-effective and comfortable housing solution for individuals and families looking for affordable housing. These rooms often come furnished, with various amenities and ready for immediate move, that’s why these rooms will save the hassle and expense of buying additional furniture.

You will also get the same benefits of affordable housing. Choosing affordable rooms for rent comes with several benefits. Along with the financial benefits, you may enjoy living in areas that might otherwise be out of reach.

Important Factors To Consider While Booking Weekly Rooms for Rent

There are some important things you have to remember while choosing your rooms for rent $125 a week, including your monthly budget, types of rooms, agreement, amenities, and more. Below we discuss some important factors and things you should check before finalizing your weekly rooms for rent $125 a week.

Monthly Budget

First of all you have to set your monthly budget that you want to spend on rooms for rent for a week or a month. remember that some rooms may have other fees like maintenance, utility, and more. So you have to check out the total cost of the room before choosing.


The location of the weekly rental is one of the main things to consider. You must check out that the weekly rentals are located near Highways or some major location, from where you can easily access transport, restaurants, offices, schools, and your personal needs.

Safety and Convenience

While looking for a weekly room for rent, safety and convenience should be your top priority. The property is located in a safe neighborhood, Also don’t forget to read the previous guest to get complete knowledge about the property.

Amenities and Services

First of all you have to sort down your rental listing as per your budget, and then you have to check the amenities and facilities offered by the weekly rental. You have to manually check the amenities and services for each rental. Different rentals offer different amenities and services.

Lease Terms

Read the lease agreement carefully to understand the terms of the rental, including the length of the agreement, the payment schedule, and potential penalties.

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What Can I Expect in $125 a Week Rooms?

These budget-friendly weekly rooms are constructed in a compact area, so you can expect a cozy room with all the essentials and a kitchenette. Some properties may also provide free Wi-Fi, parking, a swimming pool, a gym, laundry services, and more.

You may also get a business center where you can attend your office or meetings. There may also be weekly laundry services, snack machines, ATMs, heated pools, a spa, a fitness center, and other facilities that you can access. But all these amenities and facilities depend on the property.

Is It Better To Book Furnished Rooms for Rent $125 a Week?

While looking for rooms for rent $125 a week near your location, you have only three options: furnished, Semi-furnished, and Unfinished. Remember that in the price range of $125 a week don’t expect a fully furnished room, you may get semi-furnished rooms. But with our rental listing and partners, you can easily get a fully furnished room for rent $125 a week near your location.

These rooms are not located in the city center or near major attractions, mainly these extended stay weekly rooms are located near filling stations and highways. Where you are on vacation or feeling tired after a long drive, these weekly rooms offer excellent convenience in this price range.

Rooms For Rent $125 a Week
Rooms For Rent $125 a Week

Searching for Perfect Rooms for Rent $125 a Week

In this digital world, it’s very easy to find available and affordable rooms for rent that fit your budget and needs. You can follow the below tips to find a perfect room for rent that fits your needs and budget:

Online Booking Platforms

You can easily start your search through online rental platforms. Popular rental websites like Craigslist, apartmentfinder, roomies, Zillow, and Roomster, list a large number of rooms available for rent near your location. You can also use filters to specify your search options based on your location and monthly budget.

Local classifieds

You can also check your local newspapers and your local community bulletin boards for listings of available rooms for rent near your location. Although this is a traditional method but can still produce valuable results.

Social media groups

To find affordable rooms for rent you can also join local Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups dedicated to housing. These social media groups often have members who post available rental information about affordable housing options.

Important Questions to Ask the Landlord Before Renting

When you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to connect with homeowners and ask the following questions:

Maintenance and repairs

Before renting a room always ask your landlord about the process for requesting maintenance and repairs.

Utilities included or excluded

While renting a room always find out about utility services such as electricity, water, and internet. Knowing what is included in your rent to get budget-friendly options.

Guest policy

Some owners may have specific guest policies, so understand the rules regarding overnight guests and visitors.

Pet Policy

If you have any pet with you then always ask your landlord about pet policy, check out if they are familiar with pets or have any specific policy for pets.

You can also check out some affordable pet-friendly rooms for rent near you.

Tips to Make the Right Choice While Renting a Room

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it is time to make an informed decision:

Review Your Lease Agreement

Read the lease carefully before signing it. If you are unsure about any of the terms, please ask the owner for clarification.

Negotiate the rent

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the rent, especially if you have references and a solid rental history.

Secure your Deposit

Understand the deposit policy and make sure you receive a receipt for your deposit. This protects your rights as a tenant.

Furniture and Basic Necessities

If the room is unfurnished, plan your furniture purchases wisely. Start with essentials like a bed, desk, and chair.

Customizing Your Space

Add personal touches to your room to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Decorate with elements that reflect your style and personality.

Rooms For Rent $100 a Week Extended Stay

If you are looking for an affordable weekly rental near you then extended stay hotel rooms are the best solution for you. Their weekly rates start at just $100 a week, and you can get all the basic amenities to stay for a week.

Whether you are looking for temporary housing or on a vacation, these extended stay rooms are the perfect accommodation option for you. Extended Stay America and Intown Suites are some most popular extended stay hotels where you can find rooms for rent $100 a week for extended stay.

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Room for Rent $300 a Month Near Me

If you are looking for an affordable room for rent $300 a month near your location then you come to the right place. If you are on vacation or looking for temporary housing for a month then booking a hotel room can’t be an easy job because hotels don’t allow you to stay for a month. In that case, choosing an extended stay room for rent can be a good option for you.

Below we compiled a list of rooms for rent $300 a month near your location that may match your needs. In this price range, you will get a wide range of rooms such as shared rooms, studio apartments, house rentals, and more. You just have to choose your room as per your accommodation needs.


These rooms for rent $125 a week provide affordable and comfortable housing solutions to budget-friendly travelers. Before booking any weekly rentals it’s essential to check out the total weekly rate, amenities, facilities, location, safety, transportation, and more. By considering these factors you can enjoy a comfortable living at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Weekly rates of extended stay hotels?

The average weekly rates of any extended stay hotels in America start from $100 a week and go up to $2500 a week. But you can easily find $100 a week extended stay rooms for rent near you.

Is renting a room for a week cheaper than booking a hotel?

Yes, renting a room for a week in a extended stay hotel is much cheaper than booking a hotel for a week. These extended stay hotels offer special weekly rates to their guests and these weekly rates are much more affordable than standard hotel rates.

How can I find weekly rooms for rent near me under $125 a week?

Finding $125 weekly rooms for rent is not an easy job for everyone. But with Hotels4lodge it’s easy to find affordable weekly rentals near you. To find a cheap weekly rental all you have to do is search “rooms for rent $125 a week near me” to get the best results.

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