What Main Amenities and Facilities Do the Motel Often Offer?

Amenities and Facilities Do the Motel Often Offer: The motel is a cheap accommodation for every type of budget traveler. In past days, only road trip travelers could book motels as motels are located beside the roadside and offer free parking. But, nowadays motels changed their business and there are so many motels that are perfect for families too.

Not only are the motels open for everyone but they also offer long stay accommodation. People can book $300 a month motels, motels under $200 a week or more for a long term stay. So, to stay in a motel, we should know the services, amenities, and facilities the motel often offers. Let’s explore more info about cheap motels near me here.

What Main Amenities and Facilities Do the Motel Often Offer?

If you want to stay without spending so much money on accommodation, then go for motels and don’t expect much more. Although the motel’s policy is to enjoy more and pay less. Let’s know the basic amenities and facilities the motel often offer.

What Main Amenities and Facilities Do the Motel Often Offer
What Main Amenities and Facilities Do the Motel Often Offer?
  • Free Wi-Fi: Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available to guests to use for free for any purpose.
  • Free parking: As motels are situated on the roadside, so most people come in their cars. So, motels offer free parking lot to them.
  • Air Conditioning/Heating: As per the weather guests are allowed to use Ac and heater to make their stay comfier.
  • Flat Cable TV: Rooms often come equipped with a television and cable service for guests to enjoy.
  • 24-hour reception: Motels have helpful staffs who help you 24/7 in any case like any query, detailing for anything, food delivery, etc.
  • Housekeeping: Rooms and bathrooms are regularly cleaned, and fresh towels and linens are provided.
  • Continental breakfast: Few motels offer free continental breakfast and few may charge for this.
  • Laundry facilities: On-site laundry facilities for guests is another service offered by most motels.
  • Fitness Center: If you’re a gym person them motels have fitness centers which you have free access to go.

Top Services Offered by Weekly Motel Rentals Near Me

Above mentioned amenities, facilities, and services are basic and offered by every type of budget motel. But, if you need to stay for a long like for a week or a month then you must need some more than the basic amenities and facilities do the motel often offer. Let’s check them.

  1. Shuttle Services: Some weekly motels offer shuttle services to and from the airport or other local destinations.
  2. Business Center: Weekly motels are included with a business center for business traveler guests with computers, printers, etc.
  3. Pet-Friendly Rooms: You don’t have to travel without your furry member. Book motels with pet-friendly rooms and enjoy with your pet.
  4. On-Site Restaurant: Most motels by the week have an on-site restaurant or cafe and some have one near the motel from where you can get your lunch and dinner easily.
  5. Motels with Kitchenettes: Some of the motels also offer motels with kitchenettes in them, where cook-lovers can cook for themselves.

Top Services Offered by $300-$500 a Month Motel

  1. Kitchenettes service: A room with a kitchenette is a must for a month’s stay. There you will get all utilities you may need to cook.
  2. Bike rentals: Motels also offer bike rentals that you may use to explore local areas and have more fun.
  3. Car rentals: Not only bike rentals but for a long family and for a long drive you can also book a car rental from the motel.
  4. Nearby Store: You’ll get a lot of stores just outside the motel from where you can buy anything that you need.
  5. Pet services: In pet-friendly motel rooms you will get pet services like food, grooming for a week, a dog-walking area, etc.
  6. Security services: Motels must have to be tight security services for guests who will stay there for a month or more.
  7. Transportation services: A good transportation service is available for guests all the time.

Amenities and Facilities Do the Motel Often Offer vs Hotel Offer

Most hotel and motel amenities are the same. Whereas we can say that hotels offer something more than motels and also cost more for that. But few amenities are also only available on motels. Let’s check.

Motel Services vs Hotel Services
Motel Services vs Hotel Services

Location: Motels are generally located on the main roads. While some are relatively isolated, others are close to other businesses that serve travelers, including restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores. Hotels, on the other hand, are usually located in the center of cities or near airports.

Facilities and services: Motels sometimes do not have the type of services you would find in extended-stay accommodations, while hotels often offer gyms, restrooms, laundry services, or swimming pools.

Restaurants: While some motels don’t offer restaurants on-site, every hotel has restaurants on-site. Most motels offer a simple grab-and-go breakfast to all guests.

Room Door Locations: In hotels, room doors usually open onto interior corridors. Many motels do not share interior hallways and guest room doors open directly onto the parking lot.

Motel Price Range according to the Amenities and Facilities Offered

The more amenities, facilities, and services you will include in your stay the more you have to pay. A motel under $30 offers a few basic amenities that is enough for a night stay. If you want something more over amenities and facilities the motel often offers, then always check how much extra you have to pay.

  • Basic motels: If you need to stay in a motel for just a night and don’t need a much more luxurious, just need basics to spend a night comfortably then you should have to book a basic motel. Actually, basic motels offer very minimal amenities and these types of motels cost from $30-$60 max per night.
  • Mid-range Motels: A mid-range motel may provide you with something more than the basic one. Obviously there you have to pay more as they will provide you with a more comfortable and enjoyable stay. These types of motels cost $80-$100 per night.
  • High end motels: For a month or more you can book these types of motels where you’ll get every luxurious service for your stay. These motels may cost $150-$300.

Basic Amenities Available at Cheap Motels Under $30

In a cheap motel for tonight under $30, we don’t need too many amenities and also, they don’t offer them. Motels are only worried about your comfort. So, definitely, they will provide the amenities that will make you more comfortable. Let’s check here:

Cheap Motels Under $30
Cheap Motels Under $30
  • Housekeeping services: You will get daily housekeeping services that will keep your room clean.
  • Free phone calls: Every motel room has a free telephone to use and to make free calls.
  • Iron board: In the room, you’ll get iron and an iron board.
  • Alarm clock: A basic alarm clock is available to wake you up.
  • Desk, table, and chair: For, eating, working, or any other purpose desk, table, and chair are available.
  • Free parking: Free parking is the main basic amenity that is available at cheap motels under $30.
  • Comfortable bed: A comfortable bed is n=muxt needed to sleep comfortably.

Top Budget-friendly Motel Chains that Save Your Budget

  • Motel 6: Motel 6 is one of the best motel chains that are budget-friendly to people who are on a tight budget. They offer really basic but comfortable amenities, including free wi-fi, parking, and obviously pet-friendly policies.
  • Red Roof Inn: Red Roof Inn is a budget-friendly motel chain that offers simple, clean rooms with basic amenities such as Wi-Fi and free parking. Some locations also offer pet-friendly rooms.
  • Super 8: Another great pocket-friendly motel chain is Super 8 which is available in over 500 locations.
  • Econo Lodge: Across the USA, Econo Lodge is the popular motel chain that attracts people for its value for money. It also offers free parking, wi-fi, a comfy bed, etc, and in a few selected areas a swimming pool, fitness center, etc.
  • Days Inn: Lat, but not least Days Inn is another great budget-friendly motel chain that is affordable and comfortable for every type of guest.

What Are the Features of a Motel?

Motels are specially designed for road trip travelers, who just need to spend a night or a day to take rest from their trip. But, basically, nowadays motels have grown up their features and that is why, many families, and groups are also looking for a motel for a week to a month for their trip or any other purposes.


Let’s explore the motel features here:

Parking space: Most motels offer free parking areas for every guest to park their cars for free.

Simple amenities: Motels usually offer basic features to guests like a bed, TV, and bathroom. Some motels may also provide kitchenettes.

Location: Most motels are located beside the major highways, city attractions, and nearby school, college, or office that is more convenient to people.

Outdoor amenities: Most of the motels have outdoor features like a swimming pool, picnic area, garden, etc. to enjoy a little more.

Which Are the Benefits of Staying at a Motel?

Motels are small accommodations for every type of traveler at an affordable rate. Some of the best benefits of booking a motel and staying in a motel are:

  • Affordable prices.
  • Compare rates.
  • Value for money.
  • Comfortable stay.
  • Anytime accessible.
  • Free parking area.
  • The motel tonight is available.
  • Last-minute deals.
  • Convenient location.
  • Nearby restaurants.
  • Weekly and monthly stays.


In conclusion, check out carefully the amenities and facilities do the motel often offer for a night, a week, or a month. Then book easily with flexible payment options and save more. Motels are best to get the proper services, amenities, and also facilities depending on the rate that you pay. For more queries comment below or contact us.


What Are the Best Amenities or Services That a Hotel Has Offered or Given You?

Complimentary breakfast, luxury bedding, and linens, spa facilities, fitness center, free wi-fi, 24*7 hour help desk, food delivery to your doorstep, etc. are the best amenities or services that a hotel can offer or give you.

What Are Some of the Property Amenities at American Motel?

Free Wi-Fi.
Free parking.
24-hour front desk service.
Daily housekeeping services.
On-site vending machines.
Air conditioning.
Cable TV.

What Types of Services & Amenities Do Visitors Typically Expect From Motels?

Mainly visitors may expect clean rooms, comfy beds, a hot tub in the bathroom, free Wi-Fi, free parking, 24-hour front desk service, Tv in the room, free phone calls, Ac or heater, laundry facilities, etc. from motels.

Do All Motels Have the Same Amenities, or Do They Differ Based on Location/clientele?

Yes, the amenities and facilities the motel often offer may change or differ based on location/clientele. Some motels that are located in popular tourist place may offer a swimming pool, fitness center, and onsite restaurant but a business motel offer instead of these amenities a meeting room, business centers, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Staying at Motel 6 Over Other Choices in Hotels or Lodging Facilities?

The benefits of staying at Motel 6 over other lodging facilities are affordable rates, pet-friendly policies, 24-hour front desk help, free parking, an easy booking process, etc.

When Staying in a Motel, Are You Supposed to Have Cleaning Service and Toilet Necessities?

Yes, of course. Every motel provides proper cleaning services every day and toilet necessities according to your length of stay.

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