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What Special Requests Can You Ask for at Hotels?

What Special Requests Can You Ask for at Hotels? Special hotel requests can significantly enrich your stay and make it more comfortable and personal. Request things like a room with a view, a higher floor (for less noise), extra pillows or towels, early check-in or late check-out, hypoallergenic bedding, or even a mini-fridge in the room. Always be polite in your requests and remember that hotels will do their best to accommodate you, but offering a guarantee is not always possible.

As a service to guests, hotels offer a variety of items that travelers need but are not standard in rooms. Special guest requests are taken care of by the hotel department and these items are loaned to the guest free of charge.

Key Points:

  • If you need something extra then you can ask the hotel for that. Hotels always try to enhance your comfort and enjoyment.
  • When you request a hotel for something special that you need, then be polite.
  • If you’re booking your stay online then make your request online.

What is A Hotel Special Request?

A hotel special request is a personalized accommodation or service tailored to meet the specific needs or preferences of a guest during their stay.

These requests can include anything from simple additions to your room to upgrades and repairs that will make your stay more comfortable, convenient, or memorable. This allows the hotel to go one step further and provide a feeling of hospitality and care.

What Special Requests Can You Ask for at Hotels?
What Special Requests Can You Ask for at Hotels?

What Are Some Common Special Guest Requests?

  • Voltage/international adapters,
  • Scissors
  • hot water bottle,
  • nail clipper,
  • Iron and ironing board (if not already placed in the room),
  • Furniture, such as an extra chair,
  • Extra beds,
  • Torch,
  • Special pillows (cotton, hard pillows, etc.) Many people want foam pillows because they are allergic to feather pillows.
  • cradle,
  • indoor games,
  • Umbrella,
  • stock,
  • Wheelchair
  • Hair dryer,
  • thermometers, etc.

What Special Requests Can You Ask for at Hotels? Types Of Special Requests Explained

Certainly! Here are various types of special requests you can ask for at hotels:

  • Room Preferences: Your hotel room can have a significant impact on your entire stay, so special requests regarding location and amenities are some of the most common. Whether you want city, sea, or pool views, hotels often have rooms that face different directions. Please indicate your preference for a room with the desired view.
  • Bedding Preferences: You can request special bedding from hotels whatever you need like king-size, queen-size, twin beds, or extra pillows and blankets.
  • Extra Amenities: These amenities are incredibly useful, especially for longer stays. A mini fridge can be used to store drinks, snacks, or even leftovers, while you can use the microwave to heat meals or prepare quick snacks. This can save money and provide flexibility when dining out.
  • Special Occasions: Are you commemorating a significant occasion? Ask to have chocolates, champagne, or flowers sent to your accommodation when you arrive.
  • Transportation Services: Make arrangements with the hotel for airport transfers or local attraction transportation.
  • Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Ask about pet facilities and policies and make sure to request a room if you are traveling with dogs.
  • Customization of the Room: Make your space unique by requesting particular decorations, such as additional lighting, unique artwork, or fragrant candles.
  • Tech Needs: Request conveniences such as additional power outlets, HDMI connections, or device adapters.

When making special requests, it’s advisable to communicate them to the hotel in advance to ensure they can accommodate your needs effectively and enhance your overall experience.

How Making Special Requests Can Enhance Your Stay?

Why Making Special Requests Can Enhance Your Stay?
Why Making Special Requests Can Enhance Your Stay?
  1. Personal comfort: With special requests, you can design the room according to your wishes. Whether you need extra pillows to get a good night’s sleep, a room away from the elevator to avoid noise, or a microwave to heat snacks, these small details will add a personal touch to your space.
  2. Celebration occasions: Hotels often help out on special occasions. A bottle of champagne upon arrival for an anniversary, a birthday cake delivered to your room, or flower arrangements can create unforgettable moments of celebration.
  3. Address specific needs: Special requests are crucial if you have special needs such as Dietary restrictions, allergies, or accessibility requirements. By communicating these needs, the hotel can make the necessary adjustments for a comfortable and safe stay.
  4. Increased satisfaction: Studies often show a connection between guests’ feeling that their needs are “listened to” and greater overall satisfaction with their hotel experience. Accommodating special requests promotes a positive relationship between the guest and the hotel.
  5. Possible Upgrades: While polite special requests cannot be guaranteed, they can sometimes result in unexpected room upgrades or additional benefits, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion or are a loyal guest.

Note: Ask the hotel for the things that you need. Don’t ask for a thing that is not necessary. Hotels may charge some extra for special requests.

How to Make Special Requests at a Hotel?

The way you approach your special request can significantly affect the likelihood of it being granted.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. When you should apply
  • At the time of booking:  This is ideal for important requests such as room upgrades, specific views, or arrangements for special occasions. You can often add a “special request” note during the online reservation process or call the hotel reservation hotline directly.
  • Upon Arrival: This is good for practical needs such as extra pillows, and appliances, or for addressing unexpected problems in the room. You can speak personally to the reception staff.
  1. How to apply
  • Telephone: If you call the hotel directly, you can chat with us and clearly describe your wishes. This is ideal for explaining the reasons behind your requests or if they are a bit more complex.
  • Email: Email provides a written record of your request, which is useful if you have made arrangements well in advance. Consider sending an email to the hotel’s general inquiries address or reservations department.
  • In-person: Speaking to reception staff at check-in is ideal for immediate needs or special requests that are easier to express in person.

Tips for Successfully Fulfilled Your Hotel Special Requests

  • Book in advance: One of the best ways to increase your chances of meeting your hotel’s special requests is to book your stay well in advance. This gives the hotel staff enough time to prepare for your arrival and respond to your wishes. Please note that popular requests such as a certain room location or furnishings may be restricted. Therefore, it is always better to secure them early.
  • Confirm your requests: Once you have made your hotel reservation, it is important to confirm any special requests directly with the hotel. This can be done by calling or emailing the hotel reception or reservations team. By confirming your requests you ensure that they are not overlooked or forgotten and that the hotel staff can take the necessary steps to fulfill them.
  • Follow politely: If you have made special requests and have not received confirmation, it is a good idea to check with the hotel a few days before your arrival. Politely remind her of your wishes and ask about her status. This gentle reminder shows your commitment and increases the chances that your wishes will come true.
  • Provide a reason for a special occasion: If you are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, do not hesitate to mention this in your special requests. Hotels often go the extra mile to make these moments unforgettable for their guests. By sharing the reason for your request, you establish a personal connection with hotel staff and increase the likelihood that your requests will be fulfilled.
  • Be reasonable: While it is important to communicate your preferences and desires, it is equally important to be considerate of your special requests. Please note that hotels have restrictions and limitations and not all requests may be feasible. By being flexible and understanding, you increase the hotel staff’s chances of meeting your needs in the best possible way.
  • Offer to pay fees for large requests: For certain special requests that require additional resources or services, you should consider offering to pay the associated fees. For example, if you want a room upgrade or certain decorations, offering a refund can incentivize hotel staff to prioritize your requests. However, it is important to negotiate these rates in advance and ensure they are reasonable.

Can I Ask the Hotel for a Free Upgrade?

Tanner Saunders, senior hotels report at The Points Guy

“If all else fails, you can always simply ask about upgrades when you’re checking in. If something’s available, a little kindness and a smile might get you an upgrade, or a hotel may offer you a paid upgrade at a discount if you just ask,”

Can I Ask the Hotel for a Free Upgrade
Can I Ask the Hotel for a Free Upgrade

How to get a free hotel upgrade?

  • Travel during the off-season
  • Join hotel loyalty programs
  • Use hotel booking sites
  • Use a credit card when booking hotels
  • Ask nicely

What to Do if Hotel Denied Your Request?

Understand the reason why the hotel denied your request. You have to politely ask the hotel the reason behind the denying your request. You can ask the hotel if they have any other alternative options available for you or not. The hotel staff might be able to offer alternative accommodations, amenities, or solutions that could still enhance your stay.

During the talk, you should ensure you stay calm and politely answer the questions, even if you are aggrieved/ annoyed. Using manners and respect is a valuable tool that will contribute to a positive dialogue and an increased probability of completing a conflict with a good outcome.

Note: In case you are unable to get what you wish from the hotel or they are unwilling to support you, then you may need to check yourself out and if you have a little higher budget, try another hotel or travel agency for example.


By specifying special requests when booking hotel rooms, you can customize your stay and ensure it meets your needs. If you plan, provide details, be flexible, and ask politely, you’re more likely to get the hotel experience you want.

Please note that not all requests can be guaranteed. So when booking, focus on your most important needs. With the right strategy, special requests can take your hotel stay from ordinary to extraordinary.

FAQs on Special Guest Requests

What is an Example of a Special Request in a Hotel?

Some guests may request a bathrobe, additional shampoo, floral arrangements, etc. NOTE: Not all guest requests are for additional items, some are for services, e.g. Clean up the room, clean shoes, pick up clothes, etc.

Do Hotels Charge for Special Requests?

Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed. Some hotels charge an additional fee if a cot, extra bed, or refrigerator is required. This surcharge will be paid directly to the hotel upon check-out.

Can You Request a Specific Hotel Room Online When Booking, or Do You Have to Call and Request It After You’ve Booked Instead of Before Hand?

If you are booking through a third-party hotel booking site then you can request a special hotel room online when booking. It will be more flexible to book preferred hotel rooms online.

Are There Any Special Requests That Hotel Guests Can Make to Ensure a Comfortable Stay?

Hotel guests can request amenities like extra pillows or blankets, specific room views, hypoallergenic bedding, room temperature adjustments, toiletry preferences, or special dietary needs for room service.

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