Why Are Motels Cheaper Than Hotels?

Motels are affordable and budget-friendly so when your budget is low then one of the best options for accommodations is a motel. Normally, motels are cheaper than hotels and best for a night to two-night stay.

But, nowadays motels are also offering long-term stays like hotels. But, every one of us wants to know if are motels bad in quality and that’s why motels are cheaper than hotels. Let’s explore here.

Why Are Motels Cheaper Than Hotels?

Firstly, we have to understand that motels and hotels are two completely different types of accommodations. Motels cheaper than hotels because mainly attract road travelers and hotels mainly attract tourists who want to enjoy luxurious amenities. This could be a reason to be cheaper for motels as motels are mainly for road trip travelers and are located beside highways.

Why Are Motels Cheaper Than Hotels
Why Are Motels Cheaper Than Hotels

Secondly, motels near me tonight under $30 only provide basic amenities that don’t match hotels. The extra amenities you’ll get in hotels are in-suite restaurants, fitness centers, or business centers, etc.

so, motels are cheaper than hotels due to the lack of amenities, convenient location, proper security, clean and spacious rooms, etc,

Why is it Called a Motel Instead of a Hotel?

Motels and Hotels both offer accommodation and related services to families. Where hotels offer you a variety of rooms, services, and amenities, on the other side, motels are situated on the roadside and are specially designed for family and business travelers who are traveling by car.

Motels are cheaper than any hotels because they don’t offer any luxury amenities and services like hotels. Motels basically offer a basic level of accommodation and needed amenities.

Price Difference between Hotel and Motel

The more facilities, amenities, and services you’ll get the more you have to pay. Motels normally offer fewer services than any hotel. So, motel rates are obviously inexpensive than hotels. Most of the time motels cost around $100 a night and hotels cost over $100 a night. Although you should get 1-star hotels under $100 a night. But, motels are better than 1-star hotels.

Depending on location, area, and amenities motels start from $35 per night whereas a good 3-4 star hotel cost starts from $120 per night.

What Are the Advantages of Staying at a Motel?

  1. The main advantage of staying in a motel is mostly motel located beside highways and roads. So, anytime you can access these motels.
  2. The second advantage is saving prices. You can save more and more from motel booking rather than any luxurious hotel.
  3. The third one is free parking. As motels are roadside lodges that’s why they offer free parking to park your car for free of cost.
  4. Also, motels offer all the basic services and amenities you need.
Advantages of Staying at a Motel
Advantages of Staying at a Motel

Types of rooms, room rates, and quality of the hotel room vary from one motel to another motel. So, check out every detail of motel rooms and also their advantages then book your stay.

Pros and Cons of Staying in a Motel

Every type of accommodation has pros and cons and also motels have some pros and cons. You should know every pros and cons before booking a motel. Let’s consider the points of motels:


  • Obviously, you will get fewer rates than hotels.
  • As motels are located near highways, any road traveler can get easily.
  • There are private rooms.


  • The motels aren’t too spacious.
  • Sometimes motels can be dirty.
  • Fewer services than hotels.

Motel cons indicate why are motels cheaper than hotels. Now, if these cons don’t affect you then go for a motel stay without any hesitation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Hotel Instead of A Motel

Hotels have a few advantages and disadvantages instead of a motel and also motels have few advantages and disadvantages instead of a hotel. You have to consider these points before booking a rental in a hotel or a motel.

The main advantages that hotels have instead of motels are more amenities. Like a swimming pool, a restaurant in it, a fitness center, 24*7 hour staff to help, clean bedrooms and bedsheets, continental breakfast, etc.

Also, hotels are located in the city center near the city attractions whereas motels are mainly located on highways. The number of hotels is more than the number of motels in the USA. If you are a traveler then hotels will be the best option for you. As you don’t have to walk more to see city attractions. Transportations of motels are also not good. Here the hotel’s transportation system is very good.

So, these are the main and important advantages of hotels instead of motels. Book your stay according to your budget and need.

How to Live in a Hotel for Cheap?

The first question that comes to our mind as a guest is can I get cheap hotels? How? So, here you will finally go to get the right answer to your question. And the answer is yes. You can book hotels for cheap. Now we will recommend you that don’t book 1-star hotels. Actually, 1-star hotels provide really low-quality stays. Don’t worry! You can get 3-4 star hotels also for cheaper rates.

Here are a few tips to get hotels cheaper:

  • Long term hotel rentals offer cheaper prices.
  • Compare hotel rates with another hotel site.
  • Sign up to the official hotel website and grab special offers.
  • Select an off-season to travel.
  • Use coupon and promo code.

How To Find the Best Cheap Motels Near Me

Cheap motels are the best way to get affordable and comfortable lodging. Motels are basically more affordable than hotels, and you will get all the needed services and amenities.

Cheap Motels
Cheap Motels

Before booking any motel, it’s very important to check out motel reviews. This will give you a complete idea of what quality and services they will offer. Advance booking also can give you huge discounts on your motel bookings.

Motel vs Hotel vs Inn

Being a traveler you will get different types of accommodations, from motels and hotels to Inns and bed and breakfasts. So what is the difference between hotels, motels, and inns? Check out the main differences between motels, hotels, and inns.

Hotels are basically bigger with multiple floors and a wide range of amenities, and they are located near important attractions, rail stations, and airports.

Motels are smaller than hotels and have single floors with basic accommodations and amenities. Motels are located on major roads and highways and are also very cheap compared to hotels.

Inns are basically smaller accommodations that are run by families. You will get a more personal feel compared to motels and hotels and will get unique amenities.

What is the Difference Between Hotel and Resort?

Although the Hotels and Resorts terms are used interchangeably, there are some big differences between these two. Resorts are a place where you can enjoy and relax for some time, and hotels are a place where you can stay overnight.

Resorts are located in some scenic areas between nature and have amenities like pools, spas, and more. So if you are planning a vacation trip with your loved ones, be sure to choose resorts where you can relax and enjoy for some days, and if you are looking for a place to stay overnight then go for hotels.

Are Hotels Nicer Than Motels?

By looks, we can say that hotels are nicer than motels. Actually, the hotel’s ambiance is luxurious. Hotels provide a luxurious look. On the other side, motels are only a cheap lodging option where you can stay comfortably within budget.

So, it depends on you which type of accommodation you need. If you need a luxurious look and if you’re ready to pay a high amount then you can rent hotels. On the other hand, motels aren’t good by look but nicer by price.


Everyone knows that motels are really cheaper than hotels. But why are motels cheaper than hotels? Here we have given every detailed info to all of you to easily get cheaper rates. Now, check every advantage, benefit, and disadvantage also. Then compare all types of accommodations and select a stay according to you.


What’s the Purpose of a Motel?

A motel is a temporary lodging facility that provides lodging for traveling guests. Unlike hotels, which are often found in urban areas, motels are often located on the side of roads, near freeways or other public thoroughfares. Motels are typically less expensive than hotels and offer a more convenient option for travelers on the go.

Is It Better to Stay in a Hotel or Motel?

Both hotels and motels are perfect as both have some pros and cons. You will get motels cheaper than hotels. If you have a high budget then search for hotels and if your budget is low then definitely go for motels. You’ll only get fewer amenities at motels than at hotels.

What Are the Types of Motel?

Roadside motels, motor inns, and full-service hotels like 2-3 star hotels are the different types of motels.

What Do People Look for in a Motel?

Regardless of which target group you are catering to, small and large hotel guests almost always want the following for their future hotel stays: Cleanliness. clear communication Quiet environments for sleeping.

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