The Lamplighter Motel from $88

Can’t you find an affordable place to stay? Are you tired of paying a high price for a regular and simple hotel stay? Look no further than the Lamplighter Motel. It is a motel that is not only budget-friendly but also gives a luxurious vibe.

Whether you are on a road trip or need to relax away from home and the workplace, then only Lamplighter Motel can give you ultimate relaxation. It is more popular for its affordable rates and comfortable stays.

Here, in this article, let’s explore more amenities, features, advantages, and price ranges of the Lamplighter Motel.

Why Is Lamplighter Motel Best to Book?

If you are searching for an accommodation that is affordable and comfortable too. Then just look no further than the Lamplighter Motel. This motel is the best among all because of its exceptional features and outstanding service, and obviously affordable cost.

Lamplighter Motel
Lamplighter Motel

Ultimate Comfort and Coziness

The Lamplighter Motel is popularly known for its ultimate comfort and coziness. If you book and experience at least one night there I can assure you that you will be amazed after enjoying its comfort. In every room, every bed, you’ll get ultimate relaxation, that you will never forget. Pay less and experience a level of comfort there.

Personalized Service

At the Lamplighter Motel, you can make any personalized service. There are good and friendly staffs who help you every time to make your stay better.

From the warm welcome to check-out, anytime you can ask them for any personalized service that you need.

Convenient Amenities

To enhance your experience at this motel, they provide you best and most convenient amenities to you.

There are amenities like

  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Flat TV.
  • Coffee machine.
  • Attach bathroom.
  • Free parking.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Night lamp.
  • Comfortable bed with clean sheets.
  • Pillows.

Great Value for Your Money

The Lamplighter Motel not only gives you a good experience but also provides great value for money. You can enjoy and experience luxurious services, amenities, and top-notch accommodations at budget-friendly prices.

How to Find and Book Lamplighter Motel?

Are you ready to make a memorable stay at LAMPLIGHTER MOTEL? Okay. Here we will discuss how can you find LAMPLIGHTER MOTEL in your desired location and how to book it.

1. Start With Online Research

The first step is research. Spend a little time finding an affordable stay. Open Google or any search engine that you prefer, then search for the “Lamplighter Motel“. Then there you’ll find a lot of websites offering a motel stay at Lamplighter.

2. Visit the Official Website

After searching, you have to go to the official website to get the best rates, best features, amenities, and services. On this official website, you’ll get all the real info about your stay. This official site also offers exclusive offers and discounts, don’t forget to check them out.

3. Check Availability and Rates

Once you have found the motel stay in your desired location, now you have to check for the availability of room types, rates, etc. Check the room types, that suit your need perfectly is available or not. Also, check for the rates, according to your travel dates. Remember, after applying coupon codes you’ll get more cheap rates for your stay.

4. Book now

When you’ve already selected your room, and confirmed that is available then proceed to the booking process. Now, to book a room at Lamplighter Motel, you have to enter your all details, and necessary information, including your contact details, flexible payment method, coupon codes, etc.

5. Payment and Confirmation

After booking your stay, now you have to pay. So, pay by your preferred method, and then you’ll receive a confirmation email. This confirmation mail will confirm your stay at the Lamplighter Motel.

If you have to face any problem during your booking, then you can directly contact the motel.

What Are the Modern Amenities And Services for Convenience Stay at Lamplighter Motel?

In a furnished room, there is every essential feature that can make your stay more enjoyable.

When you select to stay at the Lamplighter Motel, then you’ll 100% get the most comfortable stay there with all modern motel amenities and services.

Let’s explore the amenities and services here.

Amenities And Services at Lamplighter Motel
Amenities And Services at Lamplighter Motel

Amenities at Lamplighter Motel

  1. Free WiFi access throughout the building.
  2. Cable TV with a variety of channels for entertainment.
  3. In-room coffee makers to prepare your favorite beverages.
  4. On-site parking for guests arriving by car.
  5. Air conditioning and heating for optimal air conditioning of the rooms.
  6. Comfy beds with fluffy sheets and pillows.
  7. En-suite bathrooms with complimentary toiletries.
  8. Ironing facilities and hairdryers for added convenience.
  9. Microwave for quick and easy meal preparation.
  10. Desk or table for those who need a dedicated workspace.
  11. Pet-friendly accommodations for those traveling with furry friends (additional fees may apply).
  12. Laundry facilities for guests who wish to wash their own clothes.

Services at Lamplighter Motel

  1. 24-hour front desk assistance for check-in, check-out, and any guest inquiries.
  2. Concierge service to provide information and assistance with local attractions, dining, and activities.
  3. Room service for in-room dining convenience.
  4. Daily housekeeping to ensure cleanliness and tidiness.
  5. Laundry and dry cleaning services for your convenience.
  6. Luggage storage facilities to securely store your belongings.
  7. Complimentary newspapers in the lobby area.
  8. Assistance with arranging transportation and airport transfers.
  9. Event and meeting facilities for small gatherings or conferences.
  10. 24-hour security surveillance to ensure guest safety.

Which Are the Local Attractions and Activities Near Lamplighter Motel?

The Lamplighter Motel is located in a convenient place, from where you can access a variety of local attractions and activities.

From historical landmarks to museums, everything is located. Actually, near city attractions, and tourist crowded areas, this motel is located.

It doesn’t matter in which city and where you are booking your stay, you’ll get the Lamplighter Motel near crowded areas all the time.

Not only that local shopping and dining restaurants are also available near the motel. A better transportation system can make your stay more convenient. Explore nearby affordable shopping centers and restaurants.

Types of Rooms at Lamplighter Motel

At the Lamplighter Motel, there are various types of rooms, and you can select any of them as your flexibility. Each room is comfortable and spacious. You can select any of them. Each room provides a cozy and enjoyable stay for guests.

1. Standard Room

If you are a solo traveler or couple then you can select a standard room. There you’ll get a cozy bed with comfy and clean sheets, pillows, a private bathroom, and essential and convenient in-room facilities. A spacious room always provides a relaxing ambiance. So, enjoy your stay.

2. Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room is an excellent choice for those who are searching for more space and comfort. This type of room is more spacious than a standard room. It enhances your relaxation and convenience level. These rooms are included with a seating area, a work desk, and upgraded in-room facilities.

3. Family Suite

If you are with your family or with a large group then book one other than a family suite. There you’ll get a separate bedroom and a shared living area, and obviously more privacy. These rooms are equipped with all necessary amenities, to make your stay enjoyable and pleasant.

4. Executive Suite

If you have enough budget to make your stay a little luxurious, then the executive suite is going to be best for you. With interior decoration, a pleasant ambiance, sophisticated and indulgent atmosphere, you’ll get a comfy stay here.

This type of suite is included with a larger flat-screen TV, and a private balcony or terrace.

Lamplighter Motel friendly and accommodating staff

Lamplighter Motel has very friendly and accommodating staff who are always ready to welcome their guests. From your check-in time up to your check-out time staff will make your stay more easy and more flexible. They are always there for your service.

Lamplighter Motel Staff
Lamplighter Motel Staff

They will assist you and will provide the info that you may need to stay. They can also assist you by providing local attraction details. If you have any queries, confusion, or special requests then you can directly ask the motel staff.

Lamplighter Inn‘s friendly staff will make your overall experience better. Their service for you will definitely make your experience memorable.

Is the Lamplighter Motel pet-friendly?

Yes, definitely the Lamplighter Motel is pet-friendly. If your furry pet is your member, then don’t level him. Take him and travel with him. Traveling with your pet will make your trip wonderful. This motel not only provides you with the best stay but also your pet too.

But, before booking your stay, with your pet at this motel, we’ll recommend you to check their pet policies. It is very important to read the rules. To know more about pet policies you can directly contact the mote;l and ask them about rules and restrictions.


In conclusion, the Lamplighter Motel is the best among all other accommodations. You are going to experience your best stay with affordable rates and going to get a memorable stay. Here we have mentioned every detailed info on this motel. Though if you have any confusion or queries then comment below or contact us.


Is Parking Available at the Lamplighter Motel?

Yes, there at the Lamplighter Motel, parking is available for free. you can park your vehicle at the parking lot for free of cost.

What Are the Check-in and Check-out Times at the Lamplighter Motel?

The check-in time is 3:00 PM (approx) and the check-out time is 11:00 AM (approx). On request, you can change check-in and out time.

Are There Non-smoking Rooms Available at the Lamplighter Motel?

Those who prefer a non-smoking atmosphere can book or rent non-smoking rooms available there.

Can I Request Additional Amenities or Services During My Stay?

Yes, sure. You can request motel staff for additional amenities and services during your stay.

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