Is It Better to Pay Online or at the Hotel?

Pay Online or at the Hotel: It depends on you exactly what will be a better option. But, we can clear you the concept. Pay online or at the hotel costs almost the same, most of the time. But, sometimes, if you are a new customer to an online hotel booking site then they may offer you a discount on advance payment. On the other hand, if your plan isn’t confirmed and you have paid online then on cancellation you have to pay the cancellation fee which you don’t have to pay at the hotel.

So, pay now or later, both have some advantages and disadvantages. According to your need and situation, you’ll proceed. Let’s discuss some more points on this topic.

Is It Cheaper to Pay Online or at the Hotel?

You can get cheaper rates sometimes on online hotel booking payments and sometimes paying at a hotel. If you really need cheaper rates then you have to keep in mind some points.

Pay Online or at the Hotel
Pay Online or at the Hotel

Like, when you’ll go to book a hotel online through a good, trusted, and comparing booking site then obviously you’ll get discounts, and offers and can grab the cheaper to pay by comparing rates.

But, also, sometimes in high-peak season, with high demand for hotel rooms you may not get a discount, and then paying at the hotel will be cheaper by up to 10%. As on the basis of a survey, a same-day rate of booking a hotel is 10% cheaper offline than online.

So, our suggestion is every time you’re going to book a hotel for any purpose, call directly to the hotel and get to know their prices. Then go to hotel booking sites, and check rates after applying discount codes. And then, compare both. Thus you will know that to get cheaper rates you have to pay online or at the hotel.

How to Pay for Online Hotel Booking?

Paying online is very easy and also safe nowadays. If you know how to use a smart tab or a laptop and a good internet connection then you can easily pay online. But, there are a few ways to keep in mind when paying online to book a hotel. Let’s see.

Compare prices: Go to Google or any other search engine you prefer then search for the hotel you want or hotel booking sites like Expedia,, Kayak, etc. Next, enter your destination with travel dates and check the price per night. Now. compare the price with other top 10 websites that offer lower rates and for the same deals and services grab the lowest one!

Book a room: Provide details like the check-in and check-out time you want, the number of guests, which type of room you want, etc. and book your hotel stay.

Determine on pay online or at the hotel: When you’ll select a hotel room and complete your booking then you will be redirected to the payment page. Normally there you will get 3 options. You can pay full payment online and that will give you more discount. Secondly, if you can pay only the deposit that is required and in this process without any extra fee you can change your travel dates. The next and last process is to pay at the hotel and if you are not confirmed about your travel then this will save your cancellation charge.

Determine the type of your payment: There are various options nowadays to pay online or at the hotel like credit or debit card, using Paypal, and sometimes using hotel reward points only if you get the reward. Every process is easy also on pay at the hotel sometime you can pay by cash also.

Extra tip: Always read the cancellation policies, charges, and more before online hotel booking.

How to Pay at a Hotel Without Paying Upfront?

You can easily pay at a hotel without paying upfront using these few tips:

  • You can take a member of a hotel’s loyalty program to book a room without paying upfront. You may also get other essential benefits like early checking, late checkouts, and more.
  • You can book a room with your credit card which will not be charged until you check in at the hotel. Many hotels allow these benefits and this is the best option for travelers who do not want to pay upfront.
  • Some popular hotel booking websites offer these options with free cancellation. You can easily book your room without paying upfront, you can also cancel your booking anytime without any charges.
  • Lastly, you can talk with the hotel directly and negotiate with them to pay at checkout, not upfront. Before book a hotel calls them directly and talk with them to get these offers.

What Is Book Now Pay Later at Hotel Policy?

“Book Now Pay Later” is a policy that allows you to make a hotel reservation without paying upfront. In this policy, guests can book their hotel room now and pay for the room later on checkout. Both pay online or at the hotel options are good from their side.

Book Now Pay Later at Hotel
Book Now Pay Later at Hotel

This Book Now Pay Late policy may vary from hotel to hotel, but usually in this policy guests have to provide their credit card details to the hotel at the time of booking to secure the booking. Basically, the hotel will not charge for your booking at the time and hold the reservation until you check-in.

At the time of checkout, you have to pay for your room and additional charges like room service, food, etc. It’s very important to remember that the Book Now Pay Later policy does mean that you will able to cancel your booking without cancellation charges. Each hotel has different cancellation policies, so always read the policy to get a clear picture.

Do You Pay for Hotels at Check in or Check Out?

Usually, a maximum of hotels need payment at the time of check-out when you complete your stay. But some hotels may require a security deposit or partial deposit at the time of check-in. This policy is basically for extended stay hotels where guests have to stay for a longer period of time. However, we always recommended checking the hotel’s payment policies before booking your stay.

Can You Pay in Installments on Hotels?

Yes, many hotels offer complete hotel payments in installments for guests. But this policy will depend on the hotel’s payment policies and is only available for a few hotels and reservations.

Contact your hotel directly or check their websites for payment policies like pay online or at the hotel, if you are interested in paying for your hotel stay bill in installments.

But remember that some hotels may need a prepayment or security deposit to book your hotel room, and there may be some interest charges with your installments, so it’s very important to read the terms and conditions before booking.

How Do I Pay Later on Airbnb?

The first thing you have to know is that Airbnb only allows a partial book now pay later policy. That means according to the Airbnb payment plan feature you have to pay a portion of your total booking fee online and a few at the time of check-in.

Pay Later on Airbnb
Pay Later on Airbnb

If you choose to book with the payment schedule feature, the Airbnb platform will notify you of the amount and schedule of each payment due. On the second payment due date, Airbnb Payments will automatically charge the original payment method you used for the booking.

One thing to keep in mind is that Airbnb only allows the gift card and credit up to the first scheduled amount due and this is not acceptable for the second payment.

How Can I Book the Cheapest Room Rentals?

Normally you will get rooms for cheaper rather than renting an apartment. There are several types of rooms you can rent like shared rooms, hostel rooms, motels, hotel rooms, etc. Now, according to your demand and necessity, you’ll select any type of room for rent.

Cheapest Room Rentals
Cheapest Room Rentals

Like if you are a business traveler then you can rent a hotel room for an hour to take rest and freshen up for a few hours. If you are with a family then you can rent a hotel room suite. If you are a student then a shared room or hostel room will be best for you. Now, it’s up to you.

To book the cheapest room rentals you can select the minimum and maximum rent you want, and filter your search. There at a cheaper rate, you will also get furnished room rentals in such a way. Also, you can also search for hotel alternatives and can find the cheapest type of lodging to pay less.

Which Factors Do I Have to Consider If I Choose to Pay Online or at the Hotel?

There are a few factors to consider if you choose to pay online or at the hotel. These factors help you to pay your fee at the hotel.

Type of accommodation, length of stay, booking conditions, and policies are the main factors to consider in your payment.

Remember to review the specific details of your chosen accommodation and choose the payment method that aligns with your preferences and needs.


In conclusion, we can say that pay online or at the hotel have a few pros and cons which you have to check carefully before making a final decision. Read our article with a few faqs that may help you to make a decision. Every payment process is flexible for guests. So, any of them and enjoy your stay. For more queries you can comment below or contact us.


Is It Better to Prepay for a Hotel?

Both pay online and at the hotel have their advantages. Prepauy for a hotel will cost lower rates, cheap transfer costs and obviously a secure booking. On the other hand pay at the hotel for free cancellation, anytime check-in, etc. So, compare both and check which one is better for you.

Is It Cheaper to Book a Hotel in Advance or Last Minute?

In the off-season when rooms have no demand at the time last minute bookings are obviously cheaper. We can say that yes, last minute hotels are cheaper than booking in advance. But, there may be a risk to get a hotel at the last minute. So, be careful on this point.

Can I Use Afterpay on Expedia?

Yes, of course. Several users already used Afterpay on Expedia to book hotels and flights. So, use afterpay on Expedia easily now.

Does Booking Com Do Reserve Now Pay Later?

Yes, Booking com has the reserve now pay later policy. You can rent your stay through booking com now and pay later by a week or after arriving at the hotel.

When Reserving a Hotel Room When Do You Pay?

When reserving a hotel room you can pay online or at the hotel. There are advance booking and flexible payment options available. Do whatever you want to do. Both pay online or at the hotel options are available to you.

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