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Hyatt House Vs Hyatt Place: What’s the Difference? Which One is Right for You?

When choosing a hotel for your next trip, Hyatt is a well-known and trusted name in the hotel industry. Among the many options they offer, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House are two popular options. Both brands cater to different needs and preferences of travelers.

In this article, we compare Hyatt Place and Hyatt House so you can decide which is best for your next trip.

When Hyatt customers travel, they can compare the Hyatt House to the Hyatt Place to decide where to stay. Each brand within the World of Hyatt family targets a different audience.

According to our research, we have learned that Hyatt house offers long-term stays including full kitchens and separate living areas that will give you a feel like your home. On the other hand, Hyatt Place offers short-term stays like a hotel room including a comfortable bed, Mini fridge, TV, Wi-Fi, etc.

Here’s how to choose which of these Hyatt brands is right for your next trip.

Key points:

  • Hyatt House is for long term stay and Hyatt Place is for short stays.
  • Hyatt House offers equipped kitchens as they offer extended stays where as Hyatt Place offer less equipped kitchens than HH.
  • Hyatt House is perfect for families, long-term business travelers, or anyone who values the convenience of apartment-style living.
  • Hyatt Place is ideal for business travelers, families on vacation, or anyone looking for a comfortable place to spend a few nights.
  • Both Hyatt brands offer similar services.

Hyatt House Explained

Designed for extended stays, Hyatt House offers spacious suites with separate living areas and fully equipped kitchens, ideal for travelers seeking a “home away from home” experience. This brand is perfect for families, long-term business travelers, or anyone who values the convenience of apartment-style living. The Hyatt House offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with common areas such as the H Market for shopping and the H Lounge for relaxing and socializing.

Hyatt House
Hyatt House

Hyatt House offers a free hot breakfast in the US, but the emphasis on food is different than Hyatt Place. Guests have access to a lounge where they can enjoy drinks and snacks in the evening. Suites feature fully equipped kitchens so guests can prepare their meals and save on food costs during longer stays.

“Hyatt House has 135 extended stay hotels in 115 cities. Hyatt House properties compete closely with the Homewood Suites and Residence Inn brands, offering spacious rooms, free breakfast, fitness rooms, and self-service laundry.” – The Points Guy

Hyatt Place Explained

Designed primarily for short stays, Hyatt Place is ideal for business travelers, families on vacation, or anyone looking for a comfortable place to spend a few nights. The Hyatt Place lobby typically has plenty of comfortable seating, perfect for socializing or working. These hotels usually have a gym and swimming pool.

Hyatt Place rooms are spacious and well-equipped with modern amenities, including a cozy nook with a sofa bed and a work area.

Hyatt Place
Hyatt Place

Hyatt Place hotels offer a 24-hour Gallery Menu with freshly prepared meals, snacks, and beverages. In the United States, a free hot breakfast is typically included with your stay, offering a variety of options to start your day.

“With 421 Hyatt Place hotels open in 331 cities around the world, Hyatt Place is the dominant Hyatt brand. These select-service hotels compete with brands such as Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard by Marriott and SpringHill Suites.” –The Points Guy

What’s the Difference Between Hyatt House and Hyatt Place?

The Hyatt family of hotels offers a variety of brands to suit different travel needs. As you explore Hyatt options, you may come across Hyatt House and Hyatt Place.

Although both Hyatt brands offer similar services, there are important differences between Hyatt House and Hyatt Regency that you should understand.

Consider these differences before booking a stay:

  1. Room Layouts
  2. Location And Availability
  3. Full kitchens
  4. Complimentary breakfast options
  5. Extended stay discount and benefits
  6. Rate

1. Room Layouts – Type and Size

This factor plays an important role in deciding which one best suits your travel needs.

Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place
Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place

Hyatt House

  • Studio Suites: The most basic room option at Hyatt House remains a spacious Studio Suite. You will find a private sleeping area with one king bed or two queen beds. Importantly, there is also a separate living room, usually furnished with a sofa (often a sofa bed), a desk and a television.
  • One and Two Bedroom Suites: For even more space and privacy, Hyatt House offers suites with completely separate bedrooms. These floor plans are ideal for families or colleagues sharing accommodations on business trips.

Hyatt Place

  • Traditional Hotel Design: Hyatt Place rooms follow a more family-friendly hotel configuration. You’ll find a single king bed or two queen beds, as well as a sitting area and desk. Due to the more limited overall space, this format often appears more “cozy.”
  • Sleeper Sofa: Some Hyatt Place locations offer rooms with a sleeper sofa, providing more flexibility for groups or families. However, this cannot be guaranteed at all Hyatt Place hotels.

Location And Availability

Whether you choose the Hyatt Regency or the Hyatt House for your family vacation, both offer attractive amenities. Their properties are located in convenient urban, airport, and suburban areas and often offer families additional space to rest and relax.

Since both brands are also pet-friendly, there’s no problem taking Fido on trips. Please note that not all properties under both brands are pet-friendly and a pet fee may apply.

Location And Availability: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place
Location And Availability: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place

Hyatt House

However, Hyatt House is the winner here, as its apartment-style suites feature full kitchens, comfortable living rooms, and spacious bedrooms. They also offer an outdoor common area with fire pits and grills to create family memories.

The free hot breakfast buffet and omelet bar are also a nice perk for those mornings when you don’t feel like cooking in your private kitchen.

Hyatt Place

You are much more likely to find a Hyatt Regency hotel than a Hyatt House hotel. With almost double the number of accommodations, Hyatt Regency is the clear winner in this category. It has 236 locations in 208 cities, compared to 133 Hyatt House properties.

While both brands are available for travel within the US and internationally, Hyatt Regency is also present in more countries than Hyatt House. This means you’re more likely to find a Hyatt Regency hotel than a Hyatt home at your destination.

“Very nice hotel. Perfect location, close to great restaurants and nightlife. I would definitely stay here again! Easy access to city center via Uber and other options. Due to the proximity to other businesses near the hotel, the area is very quiet.” – A random traveler.

Full kitchens

Hyatt House and Hyatt Place are both brands under the Hyatt umbrella, offering distinct experiences to travelers, including differences in their full kitchens:

Hyatt House and Hyatt Place differ most clearly when it comes to kitchen equipment.

Full kitchens: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place
Full kitchens: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place

Hyatt House

  • True culinary prowess: Hyatt House kitchens are designed for more than just storing leftovers and reheating them for take-out. You will find a full-size refrigerator, a stove (usually electric), a dishwasher, and basic kitchenware, utensils, and dinnerware.
  • The Benefit of Self-Sufficiency: Having a kitchen when traveling has several benefits. It not only offers you healthy and tasty food but also saves budget from outside foods.
  • Beyond the Basics: Think of the Hyatt House kitchen as similar to a standard efficiency apartment. If desired, it is equipped to prepare simple to medium meals.

Hyatt Place

  • Focus on Convenience: Hyatt Place’s in-room amenities focus on storing drinks and snacks, as well as making coffee or tea easy. The mini fridge provides valuable space for drinks, leftovers, or those Christmas treats you buy at the local market.
  • Microwave: Although not standard in all Hyatt Place rooms, many locations are equipped with microwaves. This provides the opportunity to heat prepared meals or leftovers to take away. Be sure to check the specific property listing to confirm this.
  • Limited Kitchen: It is important to be realistic about the limitations of a Hyatt Place facility. You cannot prepare meals that require a stove.

Note: Kitchens amenities and services depends on the specific area, specific hotel, and your booking rate. Som it’s a good idea to check it before booking.

Complimentary breakfast options

Both Hyatt House and Hyatt Place understand the importance of the complimentary breakfast to guests. Let’s explore:

Complimentary breakfast options: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place
Complimentary breakfast options: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place

Hyatt House

  • Focus on hot offerings: Hyatt House generally offers a wider selection of hot breakfast items. Expect staples like scrambled eggs, breakfast cold cuts (sausage and/or bacon), and a rotating option like waffles or breakfast potatoes. Some accommodations also offer an omelet station.
  • Continental Selection: While the focus is on cooked options, you will also find a selection of continental breakfast items. These include yogurt, cereal, fruit, pastries, and bread for toasting.
  • The H Bar: Select Hyatt House hotels offer an upgraded breakfast experience called The H Bar. Offers made-to-order omelets, breakfast skillets, and barista-prepared coffee drinks for an additional charge. However, this is not standard at all Hyatt Houses.

“The free hot breakfast gets rave reviews, as does the H Bar, which serves small plates and cocktails. Many of the hotel facilities are open 24 hours a day.” – Oyster

Hyatt Place

  • A similar selection: Hyatt Place also offers a hot breakfast buffet, often with similar staples to Hyatt House: eggs, cold cuts, and usually a choice of pancakes or waffles.
  • Variety potential: According to guest reviews at some Hyatt Places, you may notice a little less variety in the daily hot dishes offered. Continental breakfast options are usually standard at all locations.
  • Omelette Bar: While not available everywhere, some Hyatt Place locations offer a made-to-order omelet bar, sometimes for an additional fee.

Note: Check out online reviews for the specific Hyatt House or Hyatt Place you have in mind. Current guest reviews often provide information about the variety and quality of the breakfast offering.

Extended stay discount and benefits

Both Hyatt House and Hyatt Place offer extended stay discounts and benefits, but they may vary slightly based on the brand’s focus and target clientele:

Extended stay discount and benefits: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place
Extended stay discount and benefits: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place

Hyatt House Extended Stay Benefits

  • Spacious Suites: Hyatt House has extended stays that offer separate living space with sleeping areas, that provide guests space and comfort both.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchens: Hyatt offers a specially equipped kitchen to guests with a fridge, Microwave, stove, dishwasher, utensils, etc.
  • Laundry Facilities: At Hyatt House, you can enjoy laundry facilities as there you’re staying for a long term.

Hyatt Place Benefits

  • Comfortable Rooms: Hyatt Place doesn’t target guests who need to stay for a long stay, which means Hyatt Place is specialized for short stays. Though they provide a comfortable stay with a comfortable bed and enough space.
  • Kitchenettes or Mini-Fridges: Yet Hyatt Place doesn’t provide long stays, you can get kitchenettes with a mini-fridge and microwave, which will provide you convenience.
  • Daily Breakfast: You can enjoy daily breakfast in Hyatt Place. You can enjoy the best foods and can save on budget.

“Hyatt Places is one of my favorite brands because the rooms tend to be larger than similar brands at other hotel chains, they offer a good buffet breakfast (if included in the room price), and a large corner sofa.” – said writer.


While prices fluctuate depending on location, season, and demand for individual properties, there are some general trends to understand when it comes to Hyatt House versus Hyatt Place costs.

Rate: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place
Rate: Hyatt House vs Hyatt Place

Hyatt House

  • The value of space: The largest suites Hyatt House offers are, of course, a little more expensive than a standard-sized room at Hyatt Place. You are paying for the extra space and separation between the living and sleeping areas.
  • Kitchen factor: Having a full kitchen adds value to a stay at Hyatt House. The ability to prepare meals has the potential to significantly offset the cost of eating out, which can become a major expense on longer stays.

“Hyatt Place is essentially a studio hotel room with a living room and desk separated by a partition from the bed and bathroom. The Hyatt House is more like a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment, usually with a full kitchen. They have the same quality, just more space in HH, but they are more expensive.” – Chris a FLY NAVY

Hyatt Place

  • Focused on what matters: Hyatt Place offers a comfortable and reliable stay with its standard hotel rooms and amenities. By giving up the Hyatt House’s extra space and kitchen, they can often offer slightly more competitive rates.
  • Shorter stays: For trips of just a few nights, Hyatt Place’s value is typically more attractive to budget-conscious travelers. During a short stay, you may not be able to fully utilize the kitchen and spacious living room of a Hyatt House suite.

Which One is Right for You? Hyatt House Vs Hyatt Place

When choosing between Hyatt House and Hyatt Place, there is no single “best” answer. The ideal choice depends entirely on your travel priorities and circumstances.

Let’s consider the most important factors:

  • Hyatt House rooms include a fully equipped kitchen: These accommodations offer apartment-style spaces with fully equipped kitchens so you can prepare meals as if you were at home. Kitchens have refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, and islands, as well as dedicated work areas.
  • Free breakfast options: There is a big difference between breakfast at Hyatt House and Hyatt Regency. Hyatt House guests enjoy an omelet bar and a hot breakfast buffet, while Hyatt Regency hotels do not offer free breakfast. Instead, Hyatt Regency guests can eat early at the hotel restaurant and pay out of pocket.
  • Discounts and benefits for longer stays: Travelers on a longer trip receive a discount at Hyatt House when they stay at least 21 nights. You will also receive a welcome gift, food and laundry vouchers, and other benefits.
  • Ideal client: The Hyatt Regency is especially attractive to business travelers and is often also suitable for conferences and large group trips. The Hyatt House, on the other hand, has fewer meeting rooms and less space to host large conferences. However, Hyatt House locations typically have free shared computers and remote printing capabilities for business travelers.
  • Locations: Hyatt Regency hotels are typically located in cities and popular tourist spots, while Hyatt House hotels can be located in communities of any size (as they tend to be smaller).

When to Choose Hyatt House and Hyatt Place?

Choose Hyatt House if you’re planning an extended stay, moving, or traveling with family. It offers an apartment-style living room and fully equipped kitchens. If you prefer a more homey atmosphere and like to cook on the go, the Hyatt House is your best option.

Choose Hyatt Place if you’re on a short business trip, weekend getaway, or vacation that doesn’t require extensive cooking facilities. This brand is best if you prefer typical hotel amenities and services and don’t mind eating out.


Choosing between Hyatt Place and Hyatt House ultimately depends on the purpose and length of your trip, as well as your lifestyle preferences. Both brands offer the high-quality service and amenities Hyatt is known for, but cater to different needs and travel styles. Consider your specific requirements and make a decision accordingly to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during your trip.


How can I get cheaper Hyatt rates?

World of Hyatt membership offers exclusive benefits, including discounts on member rates at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts around the world.

Are Hyatt House and Hyatt Place part of the same hotel chain?

Yes, Hyatt House and Hyatt Place both are the part of the same hotel chain which is Hyatt Hotel.

Do Hyatt House and Hyatt Place offer complimentary breakfast?

Yes both of these offer complimentary breakfast.

Are there loyalty programs for Hyatt House and Hyatt Place?

Yes, both Hyatt House and Hyatt Place allow members to earn points for stays, redeem rewards like free nights, and enjoy exclusive benefits. Membership is free and offers different levels depending on the activity.

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