How Much is a Hotel Room for a Day in the USA?

Actually, the price range depends on location, season, type of stay, quality of the stay, and many more. So, we can’t tell you the exact rate of a hotel room for a day in the USA. Below here we have given all detailed rates on the basis of the above-mentioned points.

If you find some high-range hotel rooms, then don’t worry! There are several ways to book hotel rooms for cheap. Here we have mentioned all the detailed info and guide to help you.

What is Hotel Room for a Day Average Daily Rate?

The ADR(Average Daily Rate) depends on various things like location, season, type of hotel you are booking, etc. But, here we should tell you only the average rate for a hotel room for a day only, i.e $115. You can get cheaper rates than this. On exploring some downtown areas or in the off-season you can get hotel rooms under $100 near me easily.

Hotel Room for a Day
Hotel Room for a Day

If you want to stay overnight then the price will completely change. So, don’t do any mistakes while booking. Carefully, filter your search to your needs. If you want to rent a room for an hour then pay only hourly basis.

Important tip: Always apply coupon codes to get more discounts on any type of booking.

The Best Day and Time to Book a Hotel Room?

Booking your stay in advance is the best way to save money and book the cheapest room. The best day is Tuesday to book a cheap hotel room for a day and the best time is at least 15 days before your stay. According to our research, it will save 15%-20% extra on booking 15 days before.

Secret tip:

Sometimes last minute booking deals are great to save money. So, you can check before a day of your stay, the rate goes down. But, not always. If you want to take the risk of last minute booking then you may get the cheapest hotel room for the day. Actually, if there are many rooms available you will definitely get lower rates. But, if there is demand, then you may not get the last minute discount.

Average Hotel Price Per Night in USA

The average hotel rate in the USA may be $170 on an average basis. For 2-star to 3-star hotels, $150-$170 is the lowest average rate. But, if your destination is NYC, San Francisco, etc. then don’t try to find such cheap rates. As these cities are expensive. You can check out other substitutes for hotels like shared rooms, hostels, etc. to get cheap stays per night.

As the price depends on the location, services, and amenities, provided by the hotel room. So, don’t go for luxurious 4-star or 5-star hotels. Just book a 2-star to 3-star hotel room for a day or overnight for pocket-friendly rates.

Extra tip: Sometimes hotels cost cheap but provide really cheap quality stays. So, be aware of this. Never forget to consider maps, overview room photos, hotel photos, facilities customer reviews, etc., and then check the cheap night rate of a hotel.

How Much is a Hotel Room for a Week?

The main theory most tourists don’t know that is weekly room rates for a night are cheaper than daily night rates. It’s very helpful and the main advantage of the weekly stay is you will stay for more and will pay less. So, a hotel room for a week approximately cost $250. Although you can get $200 a week hotel near me in off-peak season.

One another option to get a cheap hotel room for a week is to search for extended stay hotel rooms. As extended stay hotel rooms only offer longer stays like a week or a month. You can get $100 a week extended stay in your destination. We will discuss it later.

How Can I Get the Cheapest Room Rates in the USA?

When we travel we just need to save our budget from the accommodation cost and that is why we find the cheapest hotel room for a day. There are a few ways to get the cheapest room rates in the USA:

  • Select an off-peak season.
  • Use coupon codes.
  • Grab the offers and discounts.
  • Check-out the last-minute deals and rates.
  • Find out substitutes if regular hotel rooms.
  • Compare rates with other sites.
Cheapest Room Rates
Cheapest Room Rates

These are a few easy tips to follow to get the cheapest room rates in the USA.

Although there are various types of rooms available for various types of travelers. Like if you are a businessman and need a room for a meeting then you can book conference rooms. To take rest for few hours rent hourly room rentals. For a day there is a hotel room for a day or rooms for one day near me and for an overnight stay, there are hotel rooms for a whole night. Family travelers can book double rooms or connecting rooms.

Save More on Hotel Booking Using Coupon Codes

Look for Coupon Codes: First, look for coupon codes on websites that specialize in providing discount codes such as RetailMeNot,, or Honey. You can also search for codes directly on the hotel website or social media pages.

  • Compare Prices: Once you have a coupon code, compare prices on different travel booking websites to find the best deal. Some websites like Kayak or Expedia allow you to compare prices across multiple booking platforms.
  • Check Restrictions: Before using any coupon code, be sure to check its restrictions. Some codes may only be valid for specific dates or room types, while others may require a minimum stay or spend.
  • Sign up for Loyalty Programs: Many hotels offer loyalty programs that offer members exclusive discounts and coupon codes. Sign up for these programs to access additional savings.
  • Use a cash back website: Some websites like Rakuten or Swagbucks offer cash back for hotel bookings.
  • Book early: Booking your hotel room early can often result in significant savings. Hotels often offer discounts for those who book well in advance.
  • Book off-peak: A booking off-peak, such as B. on weekdays or in the low season, can also lead to significant savings.

Average Hotel Rates by City

Serial No.CitiesHotel Rates
1.San Antonio$105
4.Las Vegas$109
9.New Orleans$145
10.San Francisco$128
List of affordable hotel rates by the city

How Can I Book Daytime Hotel Rooms?

The Internet is the best place and solution to find out anything you want. So, if you need to book daytime hotel rooms then there are lots of websites available on the internet that offer hotel room for a day. Some of them are,,, etc. Go to these websites and find daytime hotel rooms wherever you want.

Also, other trusted websites like GlobalHotelFinder,, and offer hotel room for a day in the USA. Just simply search for day rooms or hotel rooms for one day and you will get the best deals e ever.

One special tip for you always read the hotel policies. Because most of the hotels just take the fee for the time you will stay there. But, there are a few that may take an overnight fee for just the daytime booking. So, be aware of this.

Day Rate Motels Near Me

Motels are always the best budget-friendly accommodation option for us. Many people who are traveling by road book motels as they are located on the roadside and offer free parking. So, if you are also going on a trip by road and may need to rest the daytime only then you can book day rate motels near me.

Day Rate Motels Near Me
Day Rate Motels Near Me

Not only, road trip travelers, businessmen, and family travelers also can rent motel rooms for a day only. This will give you a comfortable rest and will spend a little from your pocket. Also, book 24 hour check-in motel to check-in and check-out anytime you want.

Benefits of Booking a Hotel Room for a Day through Hotels4Lodge

  • Hotels4lodge has a variety of options like a hotel room for a day, for an hour, or for a night only.
  • Here you will get every single detail and info that you may need to know before booking a hotel room for a day.
  • Several tips are given here to find out the best room with the best deals.
  • Hotels4lodge allows you to compare rates.


In conclusion, we can say that booking a hotel room for a day is very easy. just go through our article carefully to get the secret tips and more info. Here are a few faqs to help you more. For more queries comment below or contact us.


How Do I Get a Hotel Room for a Few Hours or a Day?

Use websites that only offer a hotel room for a day or for a few hours only like,,, etc. There definitely you can get a hotel room for a day according to your need. But, also on other websites, you will get a section to book or rent hourly rooms.

Is It Possible to Book a Hotel Room for a Few Hours Rather Than a Full Night?

Yes, it is possible to find and book a hotel room for a few hours rather than a full night. You can book or rent a room anywhere and anytime you want. There are hourly hotel rooms by the hours, where you can book for an hour.

What’s the Best and Least Expensive Site to Book a Hotel Room for Day-of Booking?

There are several sites for,, that offer a hotel room for a day only. You can book from any of these sites and compare the rates to get the best and cheap rates.

Should I Book Early or Late for the Best Price on a Hotel Room?

We should recommend you book in advance to get the best deals on a hotel room. Although sometime you may get cheaper rates than the last time. But, last-minute deals may be risky, as if each hotel or motel room is fully booked then you may not get a stay. So, don’t try last-minute deals in the high-peak season when the hotel room demand is high.

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