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8 Best Places To Get Free Winter Coats and Clothes Near Me

Find free winter coats and clothes, including coats, boots, hats, blankets and more, from local churches, charities and agencies. Alternative options are available for those in need of free winter coats and clothing.

Community organizations and charities often distribute donated winter clothing to individuals and families facing hardship. Additionally, online platforms and social media groups provide opportunities for people to connect with others who can offer free winter coats and clothes.

By contacting local organizations, churches, and community centers, people can learn about upcoming clothing drives or donation events. Being proactive and resourceful is also key to finding free winter clothes and coats.

How To Free Winter Coats and Clothes Near You

If you are looking for free winter coats and clothes, you can find them at local community stores. Below we’ve compiled a list of places where you can find free winter coats and clothes:

Free Winter Coats and Clothes Near Me
Free Winter Coats and Clothes Near Me

Community Clothing Drives: Keep an eye out for local clothing drives or community events where donated items, including coats and winter clothes, are distributed free of charge to those in need.

Shelters and Nonprofits: Homeless shelters, community centers, and nonprofit organizations often offer free clothing, including free winter coats, to individuals and families experiencing financial hardship. Contact them or visit their facilities to inquire about available resources.

Online Platforms: Websites and social media platforms like Freecycle, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace sometimes have listings for free items, including clothing. Look for groups or pages dedicated specifically to free items or community sharing.

Clothing Banks – Some areas have clothing banks or resource centers that provide free clothing to those in need. Find out if there are such organizations in your area and contact them for help.

Churches and Religious Institutions: Many churches and religious institutions run outreach programs or clothing closets where people can access free clothing, including free winter clothing. Contact local churches that give away free clothes near your location.

Thrift Stores and Thrift Stores: While not always free, thrift and thrift stores often offer clothing at deep discounts or even for free during certain promotions or clearance events. Be on the lookout for these opportunities.

Clothing Swaps: Host or participate in clothing swap events within your community where people exchange gently used clothing items, including free winter coats, at no cost.

Online Forums and Groups: Participate in online forums or community groups where people can offer free items, including free winter coats and clothes, to those who need them. Websites like Reddit have specific subreddits dedicated to giving away items for free.

Non-profits and Churches That Help With Free Winter Clothes

Charities, including the Salvation Army, give away clothing or coats; There are free clothes vouchers at nearby thrift stores, churches, and clothing closets. All of those nonprofits and others can provide free items, including jackets and winter clothing, for less fortunate families. Find where you can get free winter coats and clothes below.

Gifts of free coats can come from clothing banks, nearby churches food pantries. Several national organizations collect winter coats, hats, gloves, boots and clothing and then deliver them to other local charities or nonprofit groups near you to distribute, free of charge, to qualified low-income families.

Catholic charities

Catholic Charities is a well-known organization that provides assistance to low-income families in a variety of ways, including free winter clothing. They have local chapters throughout the country, making it easy for families to access their services.

Through its programs and partnerships, Catholic Charities collects donated winter clothing and distributes it to those in need.

The Salvation Army Costs for Cids Program

Coats for Kids is a national organization that works with local organizations, primarily the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a well-known organization that provides assistance to low-income families in need, particularly during the winter season.

They offer free winter clothing to those who are struggling financially and cannot afford to purchase coats, hats, gloves, and other essential items. The Salvation Army Worship and Service centers also tend to hold children’s winter coat drives and coat giveaways most weeks of the winter.

Not only will free winter clothing (gloves, hats, boots, etc.) be provided, but they also select applicants for other Salvation Army financial assistance programs. Not only will the clothing be available in limited quantities, as items sell out quickly.

Even if the centers run out of resources, families can still shop at a low-cost thrift store, which most Salvation Army locations have on site. This also gives the customer the ability to get many more items for their home. Find the Salvation Army center near you.

Operation Warm

Operation Warm is a nonprofit organization operating in more than 45 states. Please note that they participate in collecting new, unused winter coats, hats and gloves from the community.

You can also get free baby clothing, diapers, stuffs and others items through this program. Locate charitable organizations and churches that help with baby stuffs.

One Warm Coat

Another agency is One Warm Coat (phone 877-663-9276), and it is also a national charity that works with local groups, including providing free coats to students of all grades.

The United Way

United Way also partners with agencies across the country to keep families warm. They organize and conduct coat and gift drives near you, but they do not accept applications or hand out items.

But United Way can be a source of information about where seniors can get help, where a local free coat or jacket drive is taking place in a community, and even resources like cold-weather homeless shelters. Call a referral line in your community (211) for more details on these winter clothing programs.

Community Organizations

One of the tried and true community organizations that remains a mainstay in communities around the world is the YMCA and the YWCA. Based on togetherness and accessibility, these sister organizations strive to make life a little easier for those who are on the edge and experiencing difficulties.

The YMCA and YWCA accept clothing donations throughout the year in preparation for free distribution to low-income families during the winter season. Not only do they classify their winter clothing, but they usually have other types of clothing as well. Locate churches that accept clothing donations near you.

Area Agency on Aging

Area Agency on Aging centers often offer free winter clothing for seniors, their spouses, and people 55 and older. Some customers can get free coats, while other places only have gently used supplies.

Assistance League

Assistance League is located in many states. They focus on meeting basic needs and as part of this there may be free winter clothing for children. There may be coats, boots, gloves and other items for both year-round and winter use.

There are programs like Operation School Bell, free on-site clothing lockers, donation services, and much more.

Free Winter Coats Assistance Programs

Only children from low-income households can benefit from these winter clothing programs listed below or those households facing an emergency. These national nonprofit organizations recommend contacting some or all of the following charities to apply.

Churches and religious groups often receive free coats as well. Some churches help with free diapers and others baby stuffs.

Homeless shelters or transitional housing programs often offer free coats, gloves, and winter clothing.

Head Start or Title One schools give away winter clothing, jackets and more to children ages 0-5.

School systems are also often part of the assistance program network and can give away winter jackets and other items to children at no cost.


By taking advantage of these resources and following the application process, low-income families can access free winter clothing for themselves and their children.

However, it is important to remember that these resources may have eligibility requirements or limited availability. Therefore, it is crucial for people in need to be proactive and seek help early in the season.

FAQs on Free Winter Coats and Clothes

Who is eligible to receive free winter coats and clothing?

Typically, anyone facing financial hardship or needing warm clothing due to cold weather conditions can qualify. Organizations may have specific eligibility application criteria or processes.

How can I get free winter coats and clothing?

You can check with local charities, community centers, churches, or organizations that hold coat drives or winter clothing distribution events. Additionally, some online platforms can connect people in need with donors who offer free clothing.

What types of winter clothing are usually available for free?

Common items include coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, and boots suitable for cold weather conditions.

Can I donate coats and winter clothing if I don’t need them?

Absolutely! Many organizations welcome donations of new or gently used winter clothing. It’s a great way to support your community and help those in need stay warm during the winter months.

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