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Is San Diego Cheaper to Live? $500 Rooms for Rent in San Diego

Rooms for Rent in San Diego Under $500: Affordable Living in America’s Finest City

San Diego is an amazing city with more affordable rates than people think. This San Diego city is a highly desirable location to live in as it has stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and perfect weather. But, including all these great options, San Diego is an affordable city. Here you can get $500 rooms for rent in San Diego.

$500 Rooms for Rent in San Diego

In this article, we will discover and explore rooms for rent in San Diego under $500, their amenities, facilities, services, and comfortable stays.

Find $500 Rooms for Rent in San Diego

Renting a room that is affordable is a popular choice for any type of traveler looking for affordable housing options in San Diego. It is a little bit difficult to find $500 rooms for rent in San Diego.

$500 Rooms for Rent in San Diego
$500 Rooms for Rent in San Diego

However, it is really possible to find such cheap and affordable stays in San Diego. How? Let’s find room for rent San Diego $300 here.

Finding rooms for rent under $500 requires some effort and strategic searching. Here are a few tips that will guide you to find rooms for rent:

1. Utilize online platforms

Websites and apps like Roomster and Facebook Groups can be valuable resources for finding affordable rooms for rent.

2. Expand your search

Consider exploring surrounding areas or suburbs of San Diego to find more affordable options.

3. Network and ask for referrals

Tap into your social circle, friends, and colleagues to see if they know of any available rooms within your budget.

4. Be flexible with your requirements

Adjust your expectations and be open to compromises, such as sharing a bathroom or living in a smaller space, to increase your chances of finding affordable rooms.

Average Room Rent San Diego

The average room rent in San Diego is around $800-$1500 per month in an apartment or house. But, keep in mind that this is the average price rate, and this one bedroom apartments for rent San Diego rate can go up or down depending on the location, type of lodging, time of the year, the demand of tourists, etc.

Crowded areas, tourist attraction areas, and nearby city centers are more expensive than downtown areas. So, if you’re finding $500 rooms for rent in San Diego then you can search in downtown areas of the city.

To know the current room rate you have to contact the landlord directly or have to check the local real estate websites, rental listings, etc.

Are Rooms for Rent Downtown San Diego More Affordable?

Yes, comparatively, than city centers, downtown San Diego is affordable. Downtown San Diego is gaining popularity among tourists as this place includes top business districts, entertainment venues, and the waterfront.

Rooms for Rent Downtown San Diego
Rooms for Rent Downtown San Diego

The price of Studio apartments downtown San Diego depends on various factors like the specific neighborhood, the size, and the quality of the room.

If you need to move to San Diego for any work or education purposes and you have a limited budget then you can visit Downtown San Diego, you can get rooms for rent San Diego $300.

1 Bedroom Apartments San Diego under $700

It is affordable if you find 1 bedroom apartments San Diego under $700. However, it is not easy to find apartments within your tight budget in San Diego. The rental cost depends on factors like location, amenities, and market conditions.

You will get all the basic amenities in these apartments under $700.

  1. Bedroom
  2. Living room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bathroom
  5. Closet(s)
  6. Windows
  7. Appliances (e.g., stove, refrigerator)
  8. Flooring (e.g., carpet, hardwood)
  9. Lighting fixtures
  10. Internet and cable TV access

To find these 1 bedroom apartments San Diego under $700 you have to check the websites that are offering rooms now, and then you can compare the rates here also. Let’s find the rooms for rent in San Diego under $600 where you can find your stay comfortably.

How Much Are 2 bedrooms for rent San Diego?

Actually, it depends. So, we recommend you get the current prices of 2 bedrooms for rent in San Diego you can search online by yourself. But, on average it may be from $1300-$1600.

Studios for Rent in San Diego Under $600

If you don’t need to rent a large apartment or spacious room then you can find studios for rent in San Diego under $600 which is quite budget-friendly.

Studio apartments are known for their efficient use of space. The layout is carefully designed to optimize functionality and make the most of the available area. Furnished Studio apartments San Diego under $1000 features like built-in storage, multipurpose furniture, and clever design solutions help maximize the usable space.

Studios for Rent in San Diego Under $600
Studios for Rent in San Diego Under $600

San Diego studio apartments for rent cheap are often more affordable compared to larger apartments. As these studio apartments are smaller in size, these apartments require less maintenance and cleaning compared to other lodgings.

Due to their smaller size, and cozy and intimate atmosphere, people are finding and choosing this studio apartment. You can find cheap rooms for rent in San Diego only at a Studio apartment that is under your budget. And sometimes Studio apartments offer furnished rooms for rent San Diego.

Places for Rent under $700 Near Me in San Diego

Yes, there are various places and lodging options in San Diego where you can find cozy accommodation under $700. We just have to explore and discover the top places for rent under $700 near me.

Now these places must have to be clean, comfortable, secure, and convenient. So. let’s start finding places to stay in San Diego that are budget-friendly.

Shared Accommodations, $500 rooms for rent in San Diego, Hostels, extended stay hotels, motels, etc. Now, you have to explore these places more like whether the amenities, services, and facilities they are offering are enough for you or not.

On our research, we can say that these lodging options are best for affordable stays in San Diego.

Top 10 Best Cheap Hotels in San Diego Downtown

Let’s discover the hotels in downtown San Diego within a cheap budget.

San Diego downtown hotelsAddressPhone NumberRate
HI San Diego Downtown521 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 525-1531$130
Hotel Indigo San Diego-Gaslamp Quarter, an IHG Hotel509 Ninth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 727-4000$167
Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Downtown530 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 446-3000$160
Carte Hotel San Diego Downtown, Curio Collection by Hilton401 W Ash St, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 546-9600$165
Moxy San Diego Downtown/Gaslamp Quarter831 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 239-6699$153
Holiday Inn Express San Diego Downtown, an IHG Hotel1430 7th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 696-0911$165
Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Downtown/Bayside2137 Pacific Hwy Suite A, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 696-6300$204
Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego Downtown/Gaslamp Quarter356 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 487-1200$179
Hampton Inn San Diego-Downtown1531 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 233-8408$207
TownePlace Suites by Marriott San Diego Downtown1445 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 782-6400$193
Details of the top 10 cheap hotels in San Diego Downtown including address, phone number, and review

Room for Rent in San Diego Month to Month

For education, office work, business work, or traveling you may need to stay in San Diego for a month or more. And in that case, you obviously have to rent a room from month to month. So, firstly search for the $500 rooms for rent in San Diego then talk to the landlord about whether can you rent this more month to month or not.

Room for Rent in San Diego Month to Month
Room for Rent in San Diego Month to Month

Also, read the agreement carefully, when you’re booking or renting a room for month to month. Actually month to month rooms for rent can save your budget more as the more you stay the less you have to pay.

Even through Hotels4Lodge you can get fully furnished rooms for rent for $500 only. So, rent, stay, and enjoy.

How to Live Cheap in San Diego?

Suddenly you may need to move to a new city where you don’t have any shelter to live for any personal, business, or educational purposes. The first thing you have to do is to find affordable lodging that will not only save your budget but also will make your stay comfortable.

1. Rooms for Rent in San Diego Under $500

To get such cheap room rent in an expensive city like San Diego you have to choose a shared accommodation. This can significantly lower your expenses compared to renting an entire apartment.

2. Location

To live cheaply in San Diego you must have to avoid the tourist places near the city attractions, city centers, etc. And have to choose the outside areas, downtown areas, etc.

3. Food and Dining

Another great option to save money to live in San Diego is food. You have to find $500 rooms for rent in San Diego that have an attached kitchen with it. So, you don’t have to waste your money on high-rated restaurants and you can save money by cooking yourself.

4. Entertainment

Most of the $500 rooms for rent in San Diego offer free Wi-Fi, TV, and other entertainment features. So, you can take these advantages to live cheaply in San Diego.

5. Utilities

Conserve energy and water to keep utility costs down. Try to include the utility bill in your total room rental fee. So, that you can save budget.

What is the Cheapest Area to Live in San Diego?

Though San Diego is another expensive city in the USA, it offers a few cheapest areas, where you can live for $500 only.

However, the city is also known for its high cost of living, which makes finding an affordable place to live seems like an elusive dream. Fear not, though, as there are still corners of this beautiful city where you can find affordable housing without sacrificing the San Diego lifestyle.

Cheapest Area to Live in San Diego
Cheapest Area to Live in San Diego

The areas are:

  1. City Heights
  2. Oak Park
  3. Barrio Logan
  4. Paradise Hills
  5. San Ysidro
  6. Encanto
  7. Linda Vista
  8. Mountain View

Please remember that this information can be changed depending on various factors. So, to know the current info you have to research a little more.

Which Part of San Diego is Best to Live?

Carmel Valley, an affluent neighborhood in upstate San Diego, California, is often considered one of the best places to live in the area. With its upscale atmosphere, excellent schools, and family-friendly atmosphere, Carmel Valley offers residents a high quality of life and a desirable suburban lifestyle.

There are other parts of San Diego that are good to live in. Let’s discover those parts also:

  1. Carmel Valley
  2. La Jolla
  3. Gaslamp Quarter
  4. Del Mar
  5. Encinitas
  6. Hillcrest
  7. North Park

Some more places where you can find rooms for rent only for $500:

Rooms for Rent in Manhattan for $500.

Rooms for Rent in Queens for $500.


In conclusion, San Diego is not a very affordable city but you can get $500 rooms for rent in San Diego with top places, areas, and convenient locations. So, you just have to read this full guide article that will help you to find affordable room rentals in San Diego easily. Here we have mentioned a few faqs also to clear your doubts and confusions. If you’ve any queries then comment below or contact us.

FAQs on $500 Rooms for Rent in San Diego

What is the Most Affordable City Near San Diego?

Oceanside, CA
Escondido, CA
La Mesa, CA
These are the most affordable cities near San Diego.

Is San Diego Cheaper Than Vegas?

No, San Diego is more expensive than Las Vegas. Depending on house rent, monthly expenses, and many other factors Las Vegas is cheaper than San Diego.

What is the Cheapest Month to Go to San Diego?

The beginning months of the year i.e. January and February are the cheapest months to go to San Diego within budget and ton these months you can find $500 rooms for rent in San Diego definitely.

Will Rent Prices Go Down in San Diego?

Yes, according to the study and research, the prices will go down in San Diego at the end of this year.

Which Are the Most Affordable Hotel Options in San Diego?

Super 8 by Wyndham San Diego Hotel Circle, Pacific Inn Hotel & Suites, Heritage Inn San Diego, and Motel 6 San Diego are the affordable hotel options in San Diego.

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