$199 Weekly Hotel Houston

Searching for an affordable lodging option in Houston? Then here we are to provide you the best stay with great comfort that is under your budget. Will you believe that you can get a $199 weekly hotel Houston?

Yes, you heard it right. Houston offers guests some incredible deals. And one of these is a $199 weekly hotel Houston. Being a businessman, a professional, an office man, or a traveler you may have to stay in the Houston city for a long time. And to save budget thing is better than a $199 weekly hotel Houston.

In this article, let’s discover the benefits, features, and some more info that will make your stay more enjoyable. Let’s discover the Houston hotels here.

Where to Get a $199 Weekly Hotel Houston?

There are several websites where you can get a $199 weekly hotel Houston. We will discuss here about the websites where you can compare the prices and get the cheapest rate ever.

$199 Weekly Hotel Houston
$199 Weekly Hotel Houston

Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America specializes in providing long-term accommodation solutions. On this website you are allowed to compare the prices and to select the cheapest one that meets your budget and need. 


Booking.com is a widely used platform that aggregates a variety of accommodation options, including extended stay hotels. Use the filters on the website to narrow down your search to 9 weekly hotels in Houston.


Hotels.com is another popular online platform that offers a variety of lodging options. You can use their search filters to find extended stay hotels in Houston with weekly rates at or around $199.


While Airbnb is known for short-term rentals, many hosts offer discounts for weekly stays. You can use the platform to find private apartments, condos, or even entire homes within your budget.


Expedia is a comprehensive travel platform that includes a wide range of accommodation options. Use their filters to search for extended stay hotels in Houston and sort by weekly rates.


Priceline’s Name Your Own Price feature allows you to bid for hotel rates, potentially securing a lower price for an extended stay. Additionally, their regular search function includes filters for weekly rates.


Craigslist’s housing section often includes listings for short-term rentals, sublets, or extended stays. Exercise caution and ensure the legitimacy of listings before making any arrangements.

Top 10 Affordable Weekly Hotels Houston TX

HotelAddressPhone NumberRatings
Extended Stay America – Houston – IAH Airport1500 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77032(281) 987-39003.1 star
HomeTowne Studios Houston – Northwest5959 Guhn Rd, Houston, TX 77040(713) 568-56162.9 star
Comfort Inn & Suites SW Houston Sugarland11050 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074(281) 568-69693.3 star
Comfort Inn & Suites FM1960-Champions3555 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77068(281) 444-58004.0 star
Travelodge by Wyndham Houston Hobby Airport8850 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061(832) 548-93922.6 star
Hyatt Place Houston-North300 United Leuva Cir, Houston, TX 77060(281) 820-60603.6 star
Heights House Hotel, Houston, Texas100 W Cavalcade St, Houston, TX 77009(713) 869-71214.3 star
GreenTree Hotel & Extended Stay I-10 FWY: Houston, Channelview, Baytown15157 East Fwy, Channelview, TX 77530(281) 452-73044.5 star
WoodSpring Suites Houston Westchase5959 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston, TX 77072(713) 779-44413.2 star
Travel Inn and Suites17607 Eastex Fwy Rd, Humble, TX 77396(346) 616-51112.7 star
Details of weekly Houston hotels including address, phone number, and ratings

How Much Are Extended Stay Hotels Houston Monthly Rates?

Extended stay hotels in Houston typically offer monthly rates that can vary based on factors such as location, amenities, and the specific hotel chain. While rates can fluctuate, it’s possible to provide a general range to give you an idea of what to expect.

Extended Stay Hotels Houston Monthly Rates
Extended Stay Hotels Houston Monthly Rates

In more budget-friendly extended stay hotels, you might find monthly rates ranging from approximately $800 to $1,500. These hotels often provide essential amenities for a comfortable stay, such as a kitchenette, Wi-Fi, and weekly housekeeping.

Mid-range extended stay hotels with additional amenities, such as fitness centers, on-site laundry, and more spacious suites, could have monthly rates ranging from $1,500 to $3,000.

Upscale extended stay hotels, which offer a more luxurious experience, larger suites, and additional services, may have monthly rates starting from $3000 and can go significantly higher depending on the level of luxury and exclusivity.

It’s important to note that these are approximate ranges, and rates can vary based on the specific location within Houston, the time of year, and the demand for extended stay accommodations. Additionally, some hotels may offer discounts for longer stays, so it’s advisable to inquire about monthly rates directly with the hotel or through booking platforms.

$300 a Month Motel Houston, TX

Finding a motel in Houston, Texas, with a monthly rate as low as $300 can be challenging, as it generally falls below the standard pricing for accommodations. However, there might be some budget options available, especially if you are looking for a no-frills, basic place to stay. Keep in mind that prices can vary based on the location, time of year, and the motel’s specific policies.

Some motels that cater to longer-term guests may offer monthly rates at a more affordable price. Look for motels that explicitly mention extended stay options.

Prices for accommodations can fluctuate based on the demand. Consider checking during off-peak seasons when there might be more flexibility in pricing.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate the rate, especially if you plan to stay for an extended period. Motel owners or managers may be willing to offer a discounted monthly rate.

It’s important to be cautious when considering accommodations at such a low price, as extremely low rates may sometimes indicate substandard conditions or safety concerns. Read reviews if available, check the motel’s reputation, and ensure that it meets your basic requirements for safety and cleanliness.

Can You Get a $100 a Week Extended Stay Near Me in Houston?

Yes, you can get a $100 a week extended stay near me in Houston easily through us. It is not easy at all if you try to find it by yourself. Here in this article, we have given the guide for you. So, let’s read how can you get an affordable stay now.

At an extended stay for only $100 a week, you’ll get comfort and can enjoy your stay. But, don’t expect the luxurious amenities and facilities. Although you are going get all the basic amenities and services at the price range in a city like Houston.

What a $199 Weekly Hotel Houston Will Provide You?

It’s important to note that the amenities and services provided by a $199 weekly hotel Houston can vary widely depending on the specific hotel, its location, and the overall quality of the establishment. However, in general, a hotel at this price point may offer:

  • Basic Accommodations: You can expect a standard hotel room with essential furnishings, including a bed, bathroom, and perhaps a small workspace.
  • Housekeeping Services: Weekly rates often include housekeeping services, but they may be less frequent than in a traditional hotel.
  • Utilities: The cost may include utilities such as electricity, water, and heating or cooling.
  • Internet Access: Many hotels include free Wi-Fi as part of the package, but the quality of the connection may vary.
  • Parking: Some hotels may provide free parking, while others may charge an additional fee.
  • Kitchenette or Microwave: In some budget extended-stay hotels, you might find basic kitchen facilities or at least a microwave for simple food preparation.
  • Cable or Satellite TV: Access to basic television channels may be included.
  • Access to Common Areas: Depending on the hotel, you may have access to common areas such as a lobby, fitness center, or laundry facilities.

How Do You Find $150 Weekly Motels Houston, TX?

People are just investing their time ONLINE to find such affordable motel rentals at their destination. If you are finding $150 weekly motels Houston, TX then just don’t worry. Websites like Booking.com, Hotels.com, Trivago, KAYAK offer a list of Houston motel and hotel stays where you can filter your search by price. So, just set your maximum limit of price and search.

$150 Weekly Motels Houston, TX
$150 Weekly Motels Houston, TX

Definitely, you’ll get a motel stay that not only matches your budget but also matches your needs.

You can also explore well-known budget hotel chains such as Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, or Super 8. And at these motel chains every time you’ll get a sure discount that will make your reservation budget-friendly.


In conclusion, finding a $199 Weekly Hotel Houston is easy through us. In this article, we have given all the detailed info that will help you to find a perfect extended stay. We have also mentioned a few faqs below here. If you have anymore queries then comment below or contact us.

FAQs about $199 Weekly Hotel Houston

In Which Type of Hotels Generally Guests Stay for Few Weeks to Several Months?

Because guests stay for longer periods of time, hotels often offer discounted rates for extended stays. They tend to have a homey style and are often called aparthotels or serviced apartments.

What is Included in the $199 Weekly Rate at Your Houston Hotel?

This could cover the room itself, utilities, internet access, parking, or any additional amenities.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Taxes on Top of the $199 Weekly Rate?

Guests often want to know if there are any additional costs they should be aware of when booking a weekly rate.

What Amenities Are Available for Guests Staying on the Weekly Rate?

Information about facilities such as fitness centers, laundry services, or complimentary breakfast if available.

Why Choose Long-stay Hotels in Houston?

Extended stay hotels are suitable for longer stays and offer amenities such as a business center, hot breakfast, pet-friendly hotels, work area, in-room kitchenette, separate bedrooms, living room, or combined rooms for single or multiple adults. Rooms may have hot tubs, jetted tubs, and showers, as well as free WiFi. Most popular for hospital visits, construction companies, consultants, salespeople, business and leisure travelers. 

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