Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular and finest cities in the United States. If you decide to rent a home in Los Angeles then you can experience the best living experience. As Los Angeles is one of the important cities in the State of California, there are lots of rental options available for you.

Come and settle down here because this city has a great ambiance and people from different states live here. You will be a proud citizen if you get rooms for rent in Los Angeles.

Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

There are some important things you have to keep in mind when you decide to get $500 rooms for rent in Los Angeles. You can select a wide range of apartments, studio apartments, that may vary from budget to luxury. You can also contact professional real estate agents who can make your job easier.

Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles
Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

How To Find Room for Rent $300 A Month Los Angeles

You should keep in mind that when you decide to get a room for rent in Los Angeles City, the house should be located in a good area, be communicable, and have all the basic amenities and facilities you need.

You can live in the downtown, uptown, and outskirt areas of Los Angeles city. You will get various sizes of apartments for rent in LA easily with Hotels4Lodge.

Enjoy Affordable Room for Rent Los Angeles Under $400

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the U.S., popular for its chilled-out vibe. The city of Los Angeles has a wide range of rooms for rent available. The average room for rent in Los Angeles is around $655 a month.

Room for Rent Los Angeles Under $400
Room for Rent Los Angeles Under $400

But with some proper research, you can also find affordable rooms for rent in Los Angeles under $400 a month. Rooms for rent near Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades are more expensive than in other areas.

If you need rooms for rent in Los Angeles under $400, then you can choose areas like San Pedro and North Hollywood.

Tips To Find the Best Weekly Rooms for Rent Los Angeles

There are certain things to keep in mind when looking for weekly rooms for rent in Los Angeles. You can find a wide range of weekly rooms for rent in Los Angeles.

You can contact the different professional real estate agents in the city, who can make your task easier.

City-based real estate agents give you full details of the various weekly apartments for rent in Los Angeles. You can make appointments with these agents, who can provide you with a detailed study of the places you want to rent.

Top 5 Cheap Single Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

If you want to $500 rent a single room in Los Angeles, then Hancock Park, Westlake North, North Valley, and Northridge East is a good option for you. In this area, you will get both comfortable and affordable single room rentals.

Websites like Padmapper,, Zillow, and Craigslist are specifically designed to help people find roommates or single rooms to rent. You can create a profile, specify your budget and location preferences, and browse available listings.

How To Book Comfortable and Cheap Studio Apartment Los Angeles

A studio apartment is a mini apartment with a living room that is combined with a bedroom and dining area. Some may even have a kitchen. The larger studio apartment rentals will have a small kitchen.

If you’re looking for studio apartments in Los Angeles, then you can easily search for the perfect studio apartment rentals on Hotels4Lodge. We always offer a number of comfortable apartments for rent at an affordable price.

Cheap Studio Apartment Los Angeles
Cheap Studio Apartment Los Angeles

There are more than 5,864 studio apartments available in the city of Los Angeles. Remember to always check to see what kind of amenities, outdoor space, and amenities you’ll get with your studio apartment.

Find Cheap Motels In Los Angeles Under $40

Through Hotels4Lodge you can find several great motel accommodations in Los Angeles under $40. Motels are always cheaper than any standard hotels and you will find affordable deals on your nightly stay.

Motels offer only necessary amenities and services like Free WiFi, parking, laundry service, 24-hour front desk, and more. Below we mention some most popular cheap motels in Los Angeles under $40:

Crenshaw Inn Motel

Located just 5 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, Crenshaw Inn Motel offers guests free parking, Wi-Fi, fully air conditioning rooms, breakfast, and other amenities.

Motel 6 Los Angeles

Located just a 4.6-mile drive from LAX International Airport, Motel 6 LA offers guests an outdoor pool, laundry facilities & a free airport shuttle.

Flamingo Inn Motel

Located just 3 miles from the Rancho Los Cerritos museum and 8 miles from Junipero Beach, Flamingo Inn Motel has both rooms and suites, with sofabed. Guests will also get free parking and WiFi.

Get Cheap Apartments in Los Angeles 2 bedroom

You will be able to find a 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles or, in case you have decided to go in a vacation with your family, then you can choose a 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles.

2 bedroom Apartments in Los Angeles
2 bedroom Apartments in Los Angeles

If you have a budget to pay $125 a night, you could get a nice vacation rental in Los Angeles or the center of the city. The owner would reduce the rent if you want to stay for an extended period; in that case, you may have to pay $800 for a week.

You can choose Meirose place for your extended stays with your family. Melrose place in Hollywood can offer the perfect 1 bedroom apartment for you. The best part is that you could have pets with you because maximum of these rentals is pet friendly.

You can also search for cheap hotels in Los Angeles now.


There is a number of cheap rooms for rent available in Los Angeles that you can choose from. You can also filter your search based on your budget and needs to get bet results. Extended stay motels in Los Angeles are also good options for long stay travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rooms For Rent In Los Angeles

Where is the Best Place to Stay in Los Angeles?

Freehand Los Angeles, Hollywood Hotels, and LA Adventure Hotel are some best and top-rated hotels in Los Angeles where you can stay.

Is Airbnb Cheaper Than Hotels in Los Angeles?

Basically in the United States hotels are cheaper than whole Airbnb rentals. In Los Angeles, you will find almost $320 cost difference between hotels and Airbnb.

How Much is the Average Hotel Room Cost in Los Angeles?

You have to remember that the price of a hotel can vary according to location, room type, and amenities. According to research the average price of a hotel in Los Angeles goes from $165 to $143.

Where Can I Get the Cheapest Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles?

Crenshaw, Greater Valley Glen, Victor Heights, Park La Brea, Northridge East, Northridge, North Valley, and Chinatown are some cheapest places to rent in LA.

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