Best 20 Places To Get Free Mattress Near Me (In 3 Easy Steps)

How To Find Free Mattress Near Me? With the growing problem of homelessness, many people cannot even afford to purchase basic furniture such as beds and mattresses. Fortunately, some organizations have stepped up to help by offering free beds and mattresses to low-income families.

If you or your children don’t have a bed to sleep in, you may not get the quality sleep you need. Additionally, having a bed for each child is often a requirement for foster care and child protection services.

Many charities offer free beds to low-income families to help. They provide free mattresses for low-income people and free furniture assistance for those in need. Yes, if you can get free furniture, you can get a free mattress near me without paying a dime for it.

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you find free beds and mattresses near me. So, let’s discover the free bedside assistance programs available for needy families with incomes below the poverty line.

How Do I Qualify for a Free Mattress Near Me?

To ensure that free mattress near me are distributed only to those who need them, several requirements must be met. Here are some examples of who might qualify for free mattress and beds near me:

  • These programs can benefit families affected by fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.
  • People with disabilities, veterans and seniors also receive free furniture, depending on their needs.
  • Needy families moving to a new home or expanding their homes may qualify for new furniture.
  • Low-income families and single parents can receive free furniture for their newborn babies.
  • Immigrants and the unemployed can also turn to charities and organizations for help.
Free Mattress Near Me
Free Mattress Near Me

Eligibility criteria for free bed programs differ by program. Generally, you may be eligible for a free mattress near me if you meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Low-income families.
  • Single parent with income below the poverty line.
  • Poor homeless individuals and families.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.
  • Families affected by disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.
  • Members of a specific group, such as veterans and seniors.

Best Places to Find Free Mattress and Beds for Low Income Families

A comfortable and supportive bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new bed or mattress.

Fortunately, there are several places where you can look for free or low-cost beds and free mattress near me.

Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofits and charities are good places to find free beds and mattresses. Most of them have websites, but some operate offline. Some national and local churches offer free furniture to eligible low income individuals.

Popular charities that offer free beds to low-income families include United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. National Furniture Banks also focus on furniture vouchers for low-income families.

Nearest Furniture Banks

You need an application with detailed information about income, savings, expenses, assets, etc. They generally prioritize single-parent families, households with children who suffer domestic violence and abuse, elderly people or homeless people.

Contact furniture banks in your area if you are struggling and looking for free mattress near me. These banks help those in need, such as those who:

  • Get out of homelessness.
  • Moving from transitional housing.
  • Living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Victims of natural disasters or fires.
  • Recently unemployed.
  • Victims of domestic violence who are relocating.
  • Foster children who are aging.
  • low income

These furniture banks may be able to get you a free mattress near me. Search your city or state, followed by the words “furniture bank” to find a furniture bank near you.

Local Thrift Stores

Thrift stores often have used beds and mattresses for sale at a lower cost than new ones. Be sure to inspect items carefully before purchasing.

Visit Yard Sales

For those wondering, “Where can I get a free mattress near me?”, your next door neighbor may be giving one away at their next garage sale!

Visit garage sales in your area and you may be able to score a free mattress near me. Just be sure to visit near the end of the garage sale.

At the end of the day, most sellers are tired and usually just want to get rid of their stuff. If a mattress has not sold, ask the seller if he would be willing to give it to you free of charge. If you’re willing to take it, they’ll probably be happy to unload it for you.

Check Local Furniture Stores

Furniture stores often remove old mattresses from customers’ homes when they deliver new mattresses.

So it may be a good idea to ask a furniture store for some of these old mattresses. Simply visit local stores that sell furniture, tell them you are looking for a free mattress and they may have one available that they will deliver to you free of charge.

Corporates Furniture Programs

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR), large business groups and companies will donate furniture to social welfare groups and furniture banks to offer multiple free bed programs. These companies belong to different sectors, including manufacturers, hotels, universities, colleges and banks.

Free Stuff groups on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is another online platform where people can buy and sell items. You can search for beds and mattresses in your area and filter by price. Check out the ALL Things Free group on Facebook. The group helps people find free stuff.

So you might be able to find a free mattress there. Additionally, a quick search for free stuff groups in your area can also turn up a lot of results.

Visit College areas during Move-Out season

When it’s college moving season, you can often find furniture, including mattresses, that has just been abandoned on the side of the road.

As students leave their dorms and apartments, they often have nowhere to store their things to move them or they can’t move them, so they just leave them behind. A quick trip through college towns can net you a free mattress.

Websites Like Freecycle and Craigslist

Freecycle is a website where people can give away items they no longer need. You can join a local group and browse listings for free beds and mattresses.

Craigslist is a classifieds website where people can sell or give away items. You can search for free or low-cost beds and mattresses in your area.

Then, visit your city’s home page. Then, type the term “free mattress” into the search bar on the left side of the screen.

You’ll see some drop-down options. Select the “free mattress for sale” option. Once you click on it, you will see many results for free mattresses in your area.

Check your local Paper

The local newspaper sometimes includes a “Free” or “Gift” category in the classified section. These categories can be a good place to find a free mattress.

You can also check the household items category.

Ask at Hotels and Apartment Complexes

Stop by a nice local hotel in your area and ask if they have any mattresses they are getting rid of. Even if they don’t have one available right now, let them know you’re looking for one.

Since many hotels remodel, or just like to keep their mattresses looking new, they replace their old mattresses.

The same goes for apartment complexes. So ask your apartment complex manager, landlord, or rental property manager if any tenants have left a mattress behind or if they are planning to replace their mattresses and want to get rid of the old ones.

They will probably be happy for you to take care of removing their mattress. You will be doing them a favor.

14 Churches and Organizations That Give Away Free Mattress

If you are a responsible member of a family who needs sleeping beds, you may want to look for free bed assistance online or offline.

Then you can look for local church assistance programs and organizations that offer free mattress near me.

Churches and Organizations That Give Away Free Mattress

Here is a list of organizations that help provide beds and mattresses for low-income families:

1. Beds4Kidz

Beds4Kidz is a nonprofit organization that provides beds to children and their families who don’t have much money.

They give you new or used beds so that no child has to sleep on the floor. More than 16,000 people in New Mexico have already gotten free beds from Beds4Kidz!

They also accept donations of queen and full-size beds, as well as gently used linens, blankets, comforters, and other bedding items.

Beds4Kids only accepts clean, comfortable beds with no stains, tears or major damage.

The organization loves to receive complete bedding sets, along with mattresses, foundations, frames and other bed components, as long as they are in good condition.

In addition to beds, they are also constantly looking for dressers, chests of drawers and other furniture that can help make a child’s bedroom more comfortable and functional.

Please note that Beds4Kids cannot accept sofa beds, sofas or recliners. The organization uses donated furniture, such as beds, and gives it to low-income families with children.

2. Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP)

“Sleep in Heavenly Peace” (SHP) is a charitable program that provides free beds to children who do not have them. Founded on the belief that every child deserves a safe and comfortable place to sleep, SHP mobilizes volunteers to build and deliver beds.

The program’s impact extends beyond just a bed; offers a sense of security and dignity to children in need. SHP’s commitment is simple: no child sleeps on the floor in our city. It is a community-driven effort, making real differences in the lives of young people.

3. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store offers free furniture and appliances to help make homes comfortable and inviting. However, only low-income families who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to free beds.

Individuals or families facing financial difficulties or in urgent need of furniture can apply for a furniture loan or vouchers. If you are eligible, you may qualify to receive a free couch, bed, table, chair, mattress, or sofa based on your specific needs. Find St. vincent de paul assistance near you.

4. Hope to Dream program

The Hope to Dream program partners with Ashley Furniture to provide a free double bed frame, mattress, bedding, and pillow to children in need. To date, more than 140,000 children across the United States have received free beds.

If you have children and can’t afford a bed, this program can help, but beds are subject to availability at participating Ashley locations.


  1. Children from 3 to 16 years old who do not have a bed.
  2. Low-income households, living in poverty or transitioning from homelessness
  3. The nomination must come from a school social worker, case manager, church, or other charity.

5. Furniture For Families

Applicants are evaluated through a referral form provided by a Human or Social Services agency. This form assesses the applicant’s needs and eligibility.

After receiving an FFF number, the referral is completed and a caseworker is assigned to the case. The caseworker will guide the applicant through the next steps.

Eligible individuals or families then receive furniture, including new free mattress near me, based on availability and need.

6. Cribs for Kids

Cribs for Kids provides you with a Graco pack-and-play crib, which is portable. You must qualify to obtain a portable crib for your child. The office is at 457 State Street in Binghamton, New York. You can call or visit them for more information.

The organization aims to prevent children from dying in their sleep by providing free beds and mattresses to low-income families who cannot afford them.

Cribs for Kids also provides additional resources, such as information on safe sleep practices, parenting education, and referrals to other agencies.

By providing free beds to low-income families with children, Cribs for Kids helps these families ensure their children have a safe place to sleep every night.

7. Free Beds from Love INC

Love INC is a national nonprofit organization that works with local churches and community organizations to assist low-income families.

The organization often gives away used furniture, such as free beds and mattresses, to families who sleep on the floor or share beds with family members.

They also offer free furniture vouchers that you can redeem for low or no-cost sleeping beds from partner stores or local volunteers.

8. Free Furniture From Samaritan House

Samaritan House is a community service organization based in San Mateo County that provides assistance to low-income families facing various challenges, including homelessness and poverty.

Although it primarily offers large appliances, Samaritan House also offers children’s furniture, including beds, on a case-by-case basis.

Low-income families can apply for furniture assistance from Samaritan House by completing an application form. Once approved, families can choose from a selection of donated furniture, including free beds and mattresses.

The organization also provides delivery services to make it easier for families to receive their donated furniture. Individuals may apply for furniture assistance once every six months, subject to eligibility and availability.

9. Salvation Army Furniture Vouchers

The Salvation Army offers furniture voucher program that provides free furniture, including beds, to low-income families.

Families in need of furniture must first be referred to the Salvation Army by a social service agency, such as a homeless shelter or a nonprofit organization that serves low-income families.

Once the referral is made, the Salvation Army will determine if the family qualifies for a furniture voucher. If approved, the Salvation Army will provide the family with a voucher that they can redeem at a local thrift store or warehouse for furniture, such as beds and Free Mattress Near Me.

The Salvation Army can also arrange for furniture to be delivered to the family’s home.

It is important to note that furniture vouchers are limited and not always available. The Salvation Army relies on donations of furniture and other household items from the community to help support its furniture voucher program.

10. National Furniture Banks

National Furniture Banks are organizations that provide basic furniture and basic necessities to families in need, especially those below the poverty line.

These banks collect donations of used furniture from individuals and businesses, as well as new items from corporate sponsors. The donated items are then distributed to families who cannot afford to purchase them on their own.

By providing these essential items, such as beds, couches, tables, chairs, dressers, and more, banks enable families to live with dignity while working toward financial stability.

11. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring programs for children and youth from low-income families.

While their primary focus is tutoring, they also offer assistance to families who need beds for their children.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has partnerships with furniture suppliers like Factory Mattress, who donate 5% of mattress profits every Tuesday and Wednesday to the organization.

These beds are then distributed to children from low-income families participating in the tutoring program or to those families who contacted BBBS for help.

Families who are interested in receiving a bed from Big Brothers Big Sisters can contact their local agency for more information about the program and eligibility requirements.

12. United Methodist Free Furniture Donations

The United Methodist Church, through its various congregations and affiliated organizations, often participates in outreach programs that include free donations of furniture to those in need.

Contact local United Methodist churches in your community and ask about any outreach programs or ministries that provide free furniture donations. Churches often collaborate with their congregations to support community members in need.

Some United Methodist churches operate secondhand or resale stores as part of their outreach efforts. These stores can offer affordable or free furniture to individuals or families facing financial challenges. Know more about United Methodist church assistance programs.

13. Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

Ashley Furniture’s free bed assistance program believes in the fine line between sleep and quality sleep. Certain qualifications are established to meet the specific requirements of the Hope to Dream Under Ashley Furniture free bed assistance program. You can nominate a child who meets the following criteria.

14. Goodwill Industries

Goodwill thrift stores can offer support to people in need. While availability may vary, some Goodwill locations offer vouchers or assistance with obtaining essential furniture, including free mattress near me.

FAQs about Free Mattress and Beds for Low Income Families

How can I find local charities or non-profits that offer free beds or furniture?

Many local charities, nonprofit organizations, and religious groups can offer free or low-cost furniture, including beds, to families in need. Some organizations to consider include The Salvation Army, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores. Contact local branches to inquire about available resources.

How do I qualify for free bed programs?

Requirements vary depending on the organization. Generally, you will need to provide proof of your low-income status and/or proof of need. Some organizations may require a referral from a social worker or case manager.

Are the beds provided for assistance programs new or used?

Typically, organizations that offer free furniture assistance programs receive refurbished or gently used items from locations and businesses. Therefore, there is a good chance that the beds provided will be used with care.

Can I receive more than one bed for my family?

This varies by organization. Some organizations that provide free beds to low-income families may limit the number of beds per family, while others may provide multiple beds if necessary.

Can I choose the type of bed I receive?

It depends on the organization. Some may have a limited selection of beds available, while others may allow you to choose from a variety of options.

Do I need to pick up the bed or will it be delivered to me?

Pickup or delivery logistics will depend on the organization. Some may require you to pick up the bed, while others may offer free delivery services.


Donated furniture is a great help for families in need. Instead of purchasing new furniture, they can allot their money to more essential expenses such as food, health insurance, education, etc. Charities, non-governmental organizations, and government programs always seek ways to help low-income families.

Let’s all be a part of the solution by contributing your unused beds and related components to help low income families get free beds and free mattress near me.

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