Why Are Hotels Cheaper the Longer You Stay?

Hotels Cheaper the Longer You Stay: The hotel industry in the United States has been growing by 5.6% since 2018, and currently, it is approximately $341 billion. You may know that each hotel offers special discounts the longer you stay.

Remember that hotels are businesses and their main goal is to make money through hotel booking. So they offer cheaper rates the longer you stay. They also do this to fill all of their rooms and to earn maximum profits.

Why Are Hotels Cheaper The Longer You Stay?

Hotels offer special weekly and monthly rates for extended stays, which encourages people to book rooms for an extended period of time. Of course, there are other reasons why hotels offer extended stay rates for longer stays.

Hotels Cheaper The Longer You Stay
Hotels Cheaper The Longer You Stay

So if you ask me why hotels are cheaper the longer you stay, then the answer is because you stay for an extended period of time, the hotels offer discounted weekly and monthly rates to encourage you for a longer stay. They also provide home-like feelings and atmosphere so that you can stay comfortable for a longer period of time.

What Is an Extended Stay Hotel or Motel?

An extended stay hotel offers long term hotel rooms for guests who want a longer stay. These extended stay hotel chains have rooms that are larger than most others. Extended Stay Hotels have cheap weekly and monthly rates that attract guests to stay for longer periods of time. Guests can enjoy all the amenities and services to get a home-like feeling.

How Long Can You Stay in an Extended Stay Hotel? 

Extended stay hotels or motels offer weekly and monthly rates, so you can stay in an extended-stay hotel for a week or for a month also. In general, if you book for a few months at first then you may have to pay less as you will get more discounts in hotels cheaper the longer you stay. But, if you want to extend your stay later then, you have to renew your stay and this will cost more.

Extended Stay Hotel
Extended Stay Hotel

Although these weekly and monthly rates depend on the location, and season, with some research you can get cheap weekly and monthly rates on your extended stays. Also, there are $199 weekly hotels near me, in your area, to get them you can use Google Maps also.

The main answer depends on the guests, how long they want to stay in an extended stay. But, the different hotel chain has different policies. Read the policies of the extended stay hotel chains first and then book your stay.

When Should I Need Long Term Extended Stay Rentals?

If you are a businessman then you must have to travel in different cities to grow your business. And there you may need to stay for a long period of time. Regular hotels have high rates on long term booking.

Extended Stay Rentals
Extended Stay Rentals

Otherwise, if you are an office man, and suddenly you are transferred to a new city, then you may need to find a home there. And it’s not easy to find a home immediately. So, for the first week or month, you have to stay on a long term extended stay.

Also, if you are a professional traveler, then to explore a new city, you may have to stay there for a long time and in such a case, you can rent or book long term extended stay rentals.

Which Are the Best Hotels for Long Stays?

  • Candlewood Suites (IHG).
  • Staybridge Suites (IHG).
  • Residence Inn (Marriott).
  • TownePlace Suites (Marriott).
  • Element (Marriott).
  • Home2 Suites (Hilton).
  • Hyatt House (Hyatt).

Amenities and Services Offered By an Extended Stay Hotel or Motel?

In every extended stay hotel room, guests will get a fully equipped kitchen with a coffeemaker, microwave, refrigerator, oven, range top, and other utensils that will make cooking simple.

Let’s take a look at the amenities checklist before booking an extended stay:

  • Fully furnished rooms, kitchen or kitchenettes included.
  • High-speed internet access.
  • Flat cable TV.
  • Fitness center.
  • Complimentary breakfast.
  • 24-hour front desk help.
  • Hot tub in the bathroom.
  • Outdoor pools.
  • filtered drinking water.

You will also have in-room WiFi and high-speed internet for your work.

Let’s see the services now:

  • 24-hour front desk service.
  • Room service.
  • Free doorstep food delivery.
  • Grocery delivery service.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • Business services, including copying, printing, and faxing.
  • Meeting hall services.
  • Transportation services.

What was the Average Price of an Extended Stay Hotel or Motel?

The average price of an extended stay hotel depends on location, time of year, length of stay, and the level of amenities provided. According to the report, the average daily rate for extended stay hotels in 2022 was $109.19. That means the average weekly rate of extended stay hotels is $500-$700, although you can get discounted rate during off-seasons.

Are there Any Additional Charges Applicable to Extended Stay Hotels?

Normally, no.

If you book and pay in advance, then most of the time they don’t charge any additional fee to their guest.

But, every hotel has a single different policy. So, a few can charge an extra fee. In that case, read the policies of the hotel carefully before booking your stay.

If you choose the book now and pay later option, in that case, you may have to pay a little more additional charge to the hotel.

One important point, to keep in mind is that if you need any extra service which is not included in the hotel service package, then definitely, you have to pay some additional charges.

Extended Stay Hotel Suites With Weekly and Monthly Rates

The Extended stay hotels offer comfortable home-like accommodations specially designed for longer-term stays, typically ranging from one week to several months.

Extended Stay Hotel Suites
Extended Stay Hotel Suites

The weekly and monthly rates of these hotels are much cheaper than standard hotels. Many extended stay hotels offer weekly and monthly rates that can be more affordable for long-term stays.

These weekly and monthly rates can depend on location, amenities, and length of your stay, so always do some research and compare prices to get the best deal.

How to Find Affordable Extended Stay Rentals Near Me?

If you are looking for an affordable extended stay rental near me, then Airbnbs can be the best option for you. Remember some important things before booking any extended stay rentals.

Firstly, extended stay rentals basically allow 30 days stay or more. When you are looking for any extended stay rentals you should check out the amenities and services they offer. Find one extended stay rentals that have all the amenities you need to feel at home for an extended stay.

Secondly, remember that extended stay rentals can be more expensive than other standard rentals. So always do some research and compare prices before booking any extended stay rentals to get discounted deals.

Best $100 a Week Extended Stay Hotel or Motels

$100 a week extended stay hotels or motels offer long-term accommodation to their guests who are planning to stay for a long period of time. These hotels have fully furnished rooms with fully equipped kitchens, beds, sofas, internet access, and free parking for travelers who want to stay for a long time.

From the in-room kitchens, guests can make their own meals and save money. When looking for a $100 a week extended stay hotel or motel you may consider location, weekly or monthly rates, amenities, and other factors.

Remember that the quality of these extended stay rooms can depend on your budget. You can also read their reviews to get a proper image of the accommodation.

How To Find $150 A Week Extended Stay Motels Near Me?

Although the weekly rates of extended stay motels may depend on the room types and location, you may find $150 a week extended stay motels near your location.

The quality of the extended stay motels depends on the price, so it’s important to check out the room types and amenities you need. The length of your extended stay may need a security deposit, so always ask your motel about it.

You can also check out the policies and requirements before booking. $150 a week extended stay motels near me for budget travelers who need long-term accommodation at affordable prices.

Extended Stay Hotels Under $200 a Week

Extended stay hotels under $200 a week will be the best place for those looking for a place to stay for an extended period of time. There is a number of extended stay hotel chains under $200 a week available. These are some most famous $200 a week extended stay hotels:

 Hotels Under $200 a Week
Hotels Under $200 a Week
  • Motel 6.
  • Red Roof Inn.
  • Studio 6.
  • Intown Suites.
  • Candlewood Suites.

These all hotels are situated all over the United States and offer weekly rates under $200. Don’t forget to read all reviews before booking, also check out the check-in and check-out policies, cancellation policies, amount of security deposit, and other factors.


In conclusion, don’t think that you’ll spend more on longer stays. It’s completely a myth. The reality is that the night rates for a week or a month are lower than one night stay rate. So, the final word is hotels cheaper the longer you stay. So, book long term hotel rentals, save your budget, and enjoy more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Extended Stay Hotels Cost Per Month?

The average cost of a regular extended stay hotel room in the US for weekdays is $185 and $225 for weekend nights. So you can expect that the weekly rates may start from $1200 to $1560. But at the two-star hotel, the weekly rates start at only $500. You can also get huge discounts if you choose extended-stay motels near you.

Are Hotels Cheaper if You Stay Longer?

Yes, actually, a hotel that can be used to stay for a longer stay, mostly known as an Extended stay. So, extended stay hotels offer cheaper rates to guests as their people stay for a long period of time.

Are Hotels Cheaper in the Last Minutes?

Yes, but it depends. If you are going to book last minute hotels in off-peak season, then the last minute deals are cheaper. Because there is no high demand for rooms at the last minute.

What is the Longest Time You Can Stay in a Hotel?

Normally, there are no limitations on your hotel stay. Guests can stay in a hotel room as long as they want. But, every hotel’s rule and policy is different. Some hotels may allow you to stay in their room for up to 14 nights. So, firstly, read the policies and then go to book hotels.

How Can I Book a Room for a Long Stay of 1 Month in a Hotel?

For a long period of stay in a hotel room, there is a special type of stay, called Extended stay. So, for an extended stay, you can book for 1 month or more according to your demand. Enjoy your stay.

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