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Welcome to 9 to 5 hotels, that need only a daytime hotel stay rather than a whole night stay.

Whether you are going to travel for your pleasure, or for business work, 9 to 5 hotels will provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation during your stay. There you will get A-class amenities, personalized services, and everything that you can expect from a regular hotel stay.

But, when and why you may need to book 9 to 5 hotels, how can you find them, what are the advantages, and what is the price range? Let’s discuss this here.

What Are 9 to 5 Hotels?

9 to 5 hotels are especially daytime hotels, offering comfortable and affordable stays to every type of traveler.

9 to 5 Hotels
9 to 5 Hotels

If you are a businessman or office man and moving to a new city or place for any work then you may need to rent 9 to 5 hotels. Why for a few hours of stay you’ll pay a whole night’s rate? Save money and book your stay for the hours only you want.

If you are traveling to refresh your mood and want a change from your daily busy schedule then you can rent 9 to 5 hotels. Its top-class services, amenities, and ambiance will definitely change your mood and will give you a lot of enjoyment.

How to Find 9 to 5 Hotel Rooms?

Finding 9 to 5 hotels aren’t too difficult as these are increasing in popularity of these hotels and are accessible everywhere. Yet, if you are confused about how and where you can really find out the best daytime stay for 9-5 only, then here we are to help you.

Firstly, don’t go for any offline resources if you haven’t a high budget. Because offline you have to spend a lot for low-class hotel rooms. If you need high-quality rooms with affordable rates then you have to go online.

9 to 5 Hotel Rooms
9 to 5 Hotel Rooms

Search 9 to 5 hotels online, and get the room within budget and that will provide you value for the money.

Go to Google or any search engine site you want then just search for your desired location and enter the type of your stay which is 9 to 5 hotels after that, you can see a hotel list offered by Google. Search there and get your stay.

Which Websites Offer 9 to 5 Hotels Online?

  • Dayroom.
  • Dayuse.
  • Hotelsbyday.
  • GlobalHotelFinder.

How to Book 9 to 5 Hourly Hotel Rooms?

Finding and finally booking 9 to 5 hotels are very easy. You just have to follow a few steps to make your reservation. Here we have mentioned these steps below here:

9 to 5 Hourly Hotel Rooms
9 to 5 Hourly Hotel Rooms

1. Research

The first, step is searching. Firstly, you have to start searching for hourly hotels at your desired destination. Search for the hotels that special offer and mention “hourly rates,” “day use rooms,” or “daytime stays.”

2. Online Booking

There are a lot of various travel and hotel booking sites available where you can book your stay for a few hours. Select a site that offers hourly or day use rates.

Then enter your location, date, and preferred check-in and check-out times to see available options.

3. Confirm Details

After searching on the internet when you will find your hourly stay, and after entering the detail you will come to the step of confirmation. here you have to confirm the details that you have entered like check-in time, check-out time, hourly rate, etc.

Also, check out the hotel details like amenities, location, and any additional services you may need, etc., and then confirm your details.

4. Book the Room

Finally, it’s time to book your room. You have to provide your personal details like phone number, have to pay, and your booking will be done within 3 secs.

5. Payment

The last and final step is payment. there are various flexible payment options available. you can choose any of them that you prefer. You can contact the hotel direct in case you are confused about the payment process.

After payment is done, your booking is also done.

You will get a receipt of your payment and booking confirmation on your email or mobile no., whatever contact info you have provided them.

What are the Benefits of a Day Room Hotel?

Our affordable 9 to 5 hotels are perfect for busy professional and businessmen who needs a place to attend their professional meetings or conference.

A Day Room Hotel
A Day Room Hotel

These 9 to 5 hotels are basically open during business hours, our 9 to 5 hotels offer an environment for you to work peacefully and focus on what you need to do without any distractions.

You can easily attend your important virtual meetings without chatter and with access to our high-speed Wi-Fi.

Anyone can select different types of rooms in our 9 to 5 hotels. You can book a normal room or a meeting or a smart working room.

These 9 to 5 hotels or day use hotels can also be the perfect combination of work and relaxation. The 9 to 5 hotels in New York are a great option for a day of relaxation and work without leaving the city.

What Are the Amenities and Facilities Available at 9 to 5 Hotels?

Nowadays from personal travelers to professional travelers, everyone is just seeking hourly hotel stays. Actually, 9 to 5 hotels offer a lot of amenities and facilities to their guests. Let’s discuss here their amenities and facilities.

1. A large workspace

There you will get a large work area or space including a desk, chair, light, etc. whatever you want to complete your work.

2. High-Speed Internet

A high-speed connection is another important factor to look for. Don’t worry! Almost all 9 to 5 hotels offer high-speed internet for official work or for any personal entertainment.

3. In-room amenities

check the hotel’s in-room amenities. Mostly, in-room amenities are included a TV, AC, attached bathroom, balcony, Wi-Fi connection, sofa, wardrobe, etc.

4. Refreshments and Dining Options

In an hourly hotel, you are allowed to access on-site restaurants, snacks, drinks, etc.

There are many other amenities, and facilities available at the 9 to 5 hotels. You just have to contact the hotel directly and ask for the basic amenities you are going to get.

What is the Difference Between Day Room Hotel and Standard Hotel?

9 to 5 hotels are not like standard hotel rooms that you can offer for your vacation. In the standard hotel, you can book a room for a day or a week.

But 9 to 5 hotels offer day use hotel rooms for a few hours and you can check in and out on the same day.

These 9 to 5 hotel is a perfect solution for professionals who need room to attend office work or meetings. These day use rooms are also perfect for travelers who need a place to stay for a few hours.

What is the Cancelation Policy of the 9 to 5 Hotels?

The cancellation policies of the 9 to 5 hotels are very simple. According to your type of booking, there are different cancellation policies.

If you choose standard day use hotel bookings, then you can cancel your booking for free anytime before the stay.

If you prepay your day use hotel booking fees, you can cancel your booking anytime before your stay, but remember that the booking fees are not refundable.

Can I Rent a Hotel Room for Few Hours?

Yes, obviously, you can rent a hotel room for a few hours. There are many hotels like 9 to 5 hotels that specially offer flexible bookings to guests who just need to rent a room for a few hours only instead of a whole night.

If you need a room for a quick rest, a layover, a short business meeting, etc. then you can easily rent a hotel room few hours.

The rates, policies, check-in and out time depend on the hotel itself. So, after finding a hotel that allows hourly stays just read the terms and policies and book your stay for hours only.

How to Get a Hotel Room at 5 am?

Finding a hotel room at 5 am is a little bit difficult but not impossible.

Hourly hotel room
Hourly hotel room

There are various hotels that offer early check-in and early check-out and a few hotels and motels offer 24-hour check-in which means you can check in and out anytime you want. Search for these stays.

Next, you can call the hotel in advance and ask them for a 5 am check-in, if they allow you, then simply you can find and check-in in a hotel room at 5 am.

We recommend you do good research before booking any hotel room, and read the policies carefully.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Hourly Hotels?

Any hotel doesn’t have a fixed rate. The hotel rate depends on various factors like location, hotel category, amenities, quality of the hotel, season, and many more.

Hourly hotels are mainly used for shorter stays, so these are flexible and affordable too.

Hourly hotel rates are very much fluctuating depending on the location, and time of booking. To know the hourly rate of a particular hotel either you can visit their official site or call them directly.

What Are the Things You Should Consider Before Renting 9 to 5 Hotels?

Although all 9 to 5 hotels offer the same amenities, services, and price range. But, it is important to consider a few factors before renting hourly hotels.

1. Amenities and Facilities

It’s recommended to consider all the amenities and facilities that are offered by the hotel. Check that every amenity is available or not that you need to stay in. Basic services must be included in the hotel room rent.

2. Location

Location is obviously an important factor to consider. Select a convenient location that is near the transportation hub. From where easily you can access shopping malls, transportation, and your workplaces easily.

3. Pricing

Never forget to compare the prices of the hourly hotels. You may have to spend a lot more if you don’t compare the rates. So, consider the pricing properly and compare the rates

4. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings really reflect the actual quality and class of the hourly hotel booking. You will come to know the real service, reviews, and ratings that are given by past guests.

5. Policies and Flexibility

Obviously, check out the policies that are flexible for you or not. If you find any policy that is not flexible then you can contact the hotel directly.


Whatever you want relaxation, taking a nap, working, doing a meeting, and any other purposes, you can rent 9 to 5 hotels anywhere you want within a budget-friendly rate. Above here, in this article, we have mentioned how can you book, how to save more, benefits, advantages, and many more that are important to know before booking your daytime stay. Check the faqs also. For any more queries or confusion comment below or contact us.


How does a 9 to 5 hotel differ from a traditional hotel?

A “9:00 am to 5:00 pm hotel” means a hotel type that offers accommodation only during the day time, typically from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. whereas traditional hotel offer a night stay, a whole night stay. And in the 9-5 hotels you just have to spend an hourly rate and in traditional hotels, you have to pay for the whole night.

What Are the Typical Amenities Included in a 9 to 5 Hotel?

Dedicated workspaces with ergonomic furniture.
High-speed internet connectivity.
Meeting rooms and conference facilities.
Refreshments and dining options.
Secure storage and locker facilities.

Can I Access Other Hotel Facilities During My Stay at a 9 to 5 Hotel?

Access to other hotel facilities may vary by accommodation. Some 9-5 hotels offer access to common areas, gyms, and dining options, while others may restrict access to certain work or meeting spaces. It is recommended to read the hotel’s policies regarding access to the facilities before booking.

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