4 Hour Motels Near Me in New York

In a new city, or in a faraway area from your home, after working a lot or exploring the city you may need lodging to freshen up, to take a few hours of rest or nap. Now, hotel rooms mainly provide one night stay or more. But, you need a space for a few hours only! Don’t worry there are 4 hour motels near me where you can book your stay for a few hours only.

These motels that charge by the hour near me are flexible, affordable, and provide privacy to guests. Let’s get the more detail of 4 hour motels near me here. Let’s explore the benefits of motels near me open 24 hours, why you need it, and 4 hour motels near me in New York.

What Are 4 Hour Motels Near Me and Why People May Need to Book It?

4 hour motels near me are mainly short-stay motels that offer a lodging option of a few hours of stay, where people can take rest for temporary purposes, freshen up, and relax. Unlike traditional hotels that operate on a full-day basis, cheap motels by the hour near me offer flexible booking options for shorter durations.

4 Hour Motels Near Me
4 Hour Motels Near Me

Travelers who have long layovers between flights can definitely book an hourly motel near the airport to relax and recharge before their next flight.

Business travelers may need space by the hour motels NYC just for one hour or more to prepare for meetings, make important calls, or freshen up before heading to their next destination.

If you are a traveler and after traveling or exploring the city you just need a place to take a deep nap and for that you need hourly rooms near me. Hourly stay motels near me are the most affordable and best option for taking a short nap.

Overall, 4 hour motels near me offer a convenient and affordable solution for individuals who require short-term accommodations. Pay per hour motels near me fulfill their specific needs for a few hours, providing flexibility, comfort, and privacy.

How to Find Cheap Hourly Motels Near Me?

Finding cheap hourly motels near me has been the easiest process ever. You just have to find it online. The offline hotel booking process is lengthy and you may not find affordable hourly motels nearby.

So, go to Google and there are several sites offering the best hourly hotel and motel for hours near me at your desired destination. So the best way to find the 4 hour motels near me is ONLINE.

You may find up to 80% off for the first time booking a motel by the hour. People can also use your map to find the nearest hourly motel. You may find a lot of motels that offer hourly rates near you. But, among them, you have to select a motel that perfectly suits your budget and needs both.

Now, to get the best rate on hourly motels, you can compare the prices and it is allowed on almost every hotel and motel rental website. And there on the website, you can also see motel pictures, deals, features, reviews, etc. So, take your time and go through all these including hourly room policies. After that select one motel room by the hour.

How to Rent Hotel Rooms By The Hour Near Me?

Above, we have learned how we can find a motel room for rent near me. Now, here we have to know how can we rent a motel or hotel room by the hour near me. So, after using the map you will get hourly rooms near me.

Now, among them according to your need and demand, you have to select a hotel per hour near me, and from here the renting process starts.

Firstly, you have to enter your location or desired destination where you want to rent the 4 hour motels near me. After that enter the time or hours you want to stay there. Mostly these hourly hotels near me offer 24 hour check-in and check-out.

So, don’t think more about check-in and out time. Then enter the number of people and the first step of booking or renting is done.

Hotel Rooms By The Hour Near Me
Hotel Rooms By The Hour Near Me

The next step is payment. So, there are almost all the payment options available like cash, card, mobile banking, etc. Now, choose a mode of payment, according to your flexibility, and complete your renting process.

How much is it to rent a hotel room for two hours?

Actually, the hotel room rate depends on the hotel’s quality, services, location, and many other different factors. Though you can expect a hotel room for 2 hours rate from $30-$50 approximately.

What Are the Short Stay Motels Near Me Benefits?

People who need short stay motels near me know the benefits of these 4 hour motels near me. But, if you are a guest who never rents rooms per hour near me may not know the benefits but it is necessary to know the short-stay motel near me benefits.

What is short time hotel?

A short time hotel or motel is a type of accommodation that can be rented for a short period of time like for one hour to one day according to your demand.

Check out the benefits of renting 24hr motel near me.

Short Stay Motels Near Me
Short Stay Motels Near Me

1. Flexibility and Convenience

Most of the hourly rate motels near me offer flexibility to their guest. Guests can check in and check out anytime they want. Actually, these pay by the hour motels near me is 24 hour check-in motels.

4 hour motels near me allow guests to book rooms for shorter durations based on their specific requirements. Every guest who needs to rent a room for an hour needs this flexibility and convenience.

2. Affordability

Another appealing aspect of 4-hour motels is their affordability. These hourly rate rooms near me typically offer competitive rates compared to full-day accommodations, making them a cost-effective choice for short stays.

Whether you need a place to rest during a layover or a quiet space to prepare for a meeting, opting for a 4-hour motel can save you money without compromising on comfort.

3. Privacy and Comfort

4-hour motels prioritize privacy and comfort for their guests. You may need a room just to take a nap, or refresh yourself but these hourly stays offer all the necessary amenities that will make your stay more comfortable.

These motels provide a secluded environment where guests can relax, recharge, or even work without distractions.

Popular Areas for 4-Hour Motels in New York

New York City offers numerous options for 4-hour motels across its various boroughs. Here are some popular areas where you can find a motel per hour near me:

1. Manhattan

Manhattan is a popular destination for tourists where they can find 4 hour motels near me. The central location makes it convenient for travelers who need quick access to major attractions, business districts, or transportation hubs.

2. Brooklyn

Another top popular area in NYC is Brooklyn and it also offers several 4-hour motels that fulfill the demand of visitors who are seeking short-term accommodations.

3. Queens

Queens, with its proximity to airports and residential neighborhoods, is another area where you can find 4-hour motels. Rent by the hour motel near me offers a mix of options suitable for both travelers passing through and locals in need of a temporary escape.

Here we have mentioned the top motels that rent by the hour near me areas where the prices remain affordable. Check the motel by the hour NYC below here.

4 hour Motels in Queens

Motels in QueensAddressRateRating
Surfside 3 Motel164-33 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414$1233.9
Woodside Motel6509 Queens Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377$1113.8
Pelham Garden Motel1990 E Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, NY 10469$50-$603.9
Haven Motel6805 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens, NY 11374$1393.4
Flushing Motel34-50 Linden Pl, Queens, NY 11354$1123.4
Oasis Motel12091 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207$1093.1
Details of 4 hour motels in Queens including address, rate, and rating

4 Hour Hotels in Brooklyn

Hotels in BrooklynAddressRateRating
The Baltic Hotel489 Baltic St, Brooklyn, NY 11217$1052.9
Hotel 369 Brooklyn369 Glenmore Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207$1403.4
Galaxy Motel Brooklyn860 Granville Payne Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207$1013.2
Rockaway Hotel524 Rockaway Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212$1173.3
Umbrella Hotel Brooklyn1108 60th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219$1073.5
Union Hotel Brooklyn611 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217$1602.7
Details of 4 hour hotels including address, rate, and rating

Top Popular and Affordable Hotel and Motel Cheap Hourly Rooms Near Me in NYC

Let’s explore a few short term hotels and motels in NYC within our budget:

Cheap Hourly Rooms Near Me
Cheap Hourly Rooms Near Me

1. 31 Street Broadway Hotel

Address: 38 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001.

Phone number: (516) 770-8751.

The rate of this hourly hotel NYC starts from $30 and you can rent it anytime. This hotel includes top amenities like WiFi, Family rooms, Non-smoking rooms, 24-hour front desk, Laundry, Heating, Air conditioning, etc.

2. Skyview Motel

Address: 1560 Bergen Blvd, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Phone number: (201) 944-1700

This motel rate starts from $50 and this motel provides clean, and comfortable rooms to guests. From flat-screen TVs, cable channels, comfy beds, pillows, and other top amenities are included. So, you can rent this room for one hour to 4 hour or more.

3. The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel

Address: 790 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Phone number: (212) 581-3300

The Manhattan Times Square Hotel is popular for providing comfortable stays in New york city. You will get everything like your home from a separate work space to a comfy bed. Top amenities like WiFi, Family rooms, Non-smoking rooms, Fitness center, Facilities for disabled guests, 24-hour front desk, Daily housekeeping, Lift, Heating, Air conditioning, etc. are included. So, enjoy your hourly stay within budget.

4. Hyatt Grand Central New York

Address: At Grand Central Terminal, 109 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

Phone number: (212) 883-1234

If we talk about a luxurious stay within budget then Hyatt Grand Central NYC is unbeatable. So, here in all the rooms, you’re going to get a special workspace and setting area. The rooms are super comfortable.

The motels hourly near me have in-room amenities like Free WiFi, Private parking, Family rooms, Non-smoking rooms, a Fitness center, Facilities for disabled guests, 24-hour front desk, Daily housekeeping, Lift, Laundry, etc. will make your comfort level up.

5. Travelodge by Wyndham Manhasset

Address: 1177 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY 11030

Phone number: (516) 708-4952

Travelodge by Wyndham Manhasset offers Free parking, Non-smoking rooms, Free WiFi, Family rooms, Tea/coffee maker in all rooms, etc. If you just want to enjoy your stay a lot then book this stay for hours and we can assure you that you’re going to get an unforgettable experience there.


In conclusion, 4 hour motels near me provide a convenient and flexible solution to people who need hourly stays. If you don’t need to stay in a hotel or motel overnight then you can rent these hourly motels near me now.

Also, it will save money from the luxurious rate in an expensive city like NYC. We have mentioned a lot of details of 4 hour motels near me in New York including a few faqs. If you’ve any more queries about motels near me for a few hours then comment below or contact us.

FAQs on 4 Hour Motels Near Me

Can I Book a 4-hour Motel in Advance?

Yes, you can book a 4 hour motel near me in advance. Advance booking has several benefits like you can save your budget more and more!

Can You Stay in a Motel for a Few Hours?

Yes, why not there are several motels that offer hourly stays near me. You can book these hourly motels anytime and anywhere you want.

Can You Use a Hotel Room for a Few Hours?

Yes, you can use a hotel room for a few hours. Many hotels offer day-use or hourly rates that allow guests to book a room for a shorter duration, typically less than a full day.

How Much Does a 4-hour Motel Typically Cost?

Generally, 4-hour motels are more affordable compared to full-day accommodations. It is recommended to research and compare prices to find a motel that fits your budget and requirements.

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